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Traveling road warriors


There is an artistic act of neatness in which we pack bags, then there are those cool apps downloaded to speed check-in, and the privileges we take for granted that make long distance travel easy, efficient, smooth, comfortable. Every time we leave home, we continually gain expertise about where to go to find the best foods and the finest places to enjoy, where locals prefer to go. It's all very pleasant but never ever overlook what really matters, sharing time with family is the very best part of traveling.

Edgewater Park & Silver Beach Community Meeting


Tonight, US Representative Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) and NYC Councilman James Vacca will host a community meeting with residents of Edgewater Park and Silver Beach to welcome an announcement by Emigrant Bank that it will begin offering home financing services, such as mortgage, refinance and home loans, to the community.

City Island Public Library Concert


Andy Miller and the other members of Ramblin’ Andy and the See Ya Laters were keeping an eye on the climbing temperature yesterday because they regularly take their sound to the streets, but yesterday they played on City Island to help celebrate our library's 100th Birthday.



New York City will soon be getting another attraction. This time it's the world's tallest Ferris wheel, as part of an ambitious plan to draw New Yorkers and tourists to a nearby island. It's Staten Island, the city's forgotten borough.

This 230 million dollar 625-foot-tall Ferris wheel be built on a spot in Staten Island overlooking the Statue of Liberty and visible to the downtown Manhattan skyline, offering a singular view as it sweeps higher than other big wheels like the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye.

Klein Celebrates Hispanic Heritage


National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

This year’s theme is “Many Backgrounds, Many Stories…One American Spirit.”

This Saturday, Oct. 15, I will be hosting a special brunch honoring the many Hispanic Americans who embody the spirit of service in our communities.



As CBS News colleague Steve Croft said, Bob Simon used to say he was a Jewish kid from the Bronx. Bob didn't tell you that he was also Phi Beta Kappa, had been a Fulbright scholar, or that he went on to become television's quintessential foreign correspondent.

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to briefly meet my Tocayo, Bob Simon and I even got to sign the huge welcome home card CBS News gave him, Peter Bluff, Juan Caldera and Roberto Alvarez after they were all released, following 40 days inside a prison in Iraq. Bob was truly a journalism jewel.



Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will host the borough’s third centenarian celebration to pay tribute to Bronxites who are or will turn 100 years old in 2013.

This Bronx Week event salutes seniors from throughout the borough in recognition of their remarkable longevity as upstanding members of the community. If you have any Centenarians that would like to attend this event please call Ms. Larcenia Walton, Director of Senior Services at 718-590-6248 to inquire. The event will be held on May 9th at 11am, The Villa Barone Manor, you have to rsvp for this event. Invitation is for the centenarian and one guest, any additional guest there will be a cover charge of $30 per person.



Leonard Gold, Captain, USAAC - Retired US Air Corps Decorated Fighter Pilot passed away today, following a long and distinguished career. His granddaughter Diana told me he died in peace, after an active 95 years.

City Images had the distinct honor of interviewing and getting to know this gentle warrior. He also took time to speak to students at a couple of my college classes and these young people were as impressed with him as I was. Lenny even took time to attend my City Island wedding and reception. Since we met, we enjoyed each others company socially, until the very end.



The definition of censorship is the control of information and ideas circulated within a society. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be objectionable or offensive. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material considered indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas have been suppressed under the guise of protecting basic social institutions: Family, Church, and State.

To understand censorship, and the impulse to censor, it is necessary to strip away the shock epithet value that is attached to the word at first utterance. One must recognize that censorship and the ideology supporting it go back to ancient times, and that every society has had customs, taboos, or laws by which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual expression were regulated.

In Athens, where democracy first emerged, censorship was known as a means of enforcing the orthodoxy. Indeed, Plato was the first recorded thinker to formulate a rationale for intellectual, religious, and artistic censorship. In his ideal state outlined in The Republic, official censors would prohibit mothers and nurses from relating tales deemed bad or evil. Plato also proposed that unorthodox notions about God or the hereafter be treated as crimes and that formal procedures be established to suppress heresy. Freedom of speech in Ancient Rome was reserved for those in positions of authority...etc.