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Support Beacon School


FYI: Please read the following and reach out to all your contacts. The loss of the Beacon School would mean no place for 1300 children and seniors to go for daily activities. We desperately need to keep this program open.

See below for details and please help where you can.
This affects us all.


Bob Bieder
CB 10 Youth Chair
45th Pct Council President
Chair, Bronx Merchants Coalition

Greetings, Beautiful People,

National Night Out Against Crime


Any municipality, law enforcement agency, crime prevention organization, community group, or neighborhood interested in participating, is invited to contact NATW now to receive information on National Night Out 2014. There is no cost to register.

Once registered with NATW, local coordinators receive an organizational kit full of ‘how to’ materials including planning suggestions, guidelines, sample new releases, promotional guides – and interim updates throughout the year.

Americans across this nation will hit the streets tonight for the annual National Night Out Against Crime.



FREE Poets & Writers and Bronx Writers Center Information Session

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

New Bronx Council on the Arts Building
2700 E Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Bronx Writers are invited to come to a free session at the future home of the Bronx Council on the Arts and the Bronx Writers' Center. Bonnie Rose Marcus, Director of the Readings/Workshops Program at Poets & Writers.

Panama 2019


Ruben Blades says he will once again be running for president of Panama. He says this decision to run in 2019, stems from a vision of his country's long-term solutions, which require rewriting codes and renewing diagrams necessary for the administration of the public good, efficiently and transparently. Moreover, he insists it requires a change in national attitude that includes a return to self-love, the love of country and concern for its future.

“RACE 2012”


It may be worthwhile checking out this documentary on PBS just before the "debate" by Phillip Rodriguez, a visiting fellow at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, and founder of City Project.

Slain Journalists Honored


Starting on Sunday, the Committee to Protect Journalists tweeted from CPJ's Middle East Twitter account @cpjmena all the names of every journalist who has been killed in the four years since March 15, 2011, when the Syrian uprising began.

The list contained the names of 81 journalists, making it the second deadliest conflict since CPJ has been keeping track starting in 1992. The Iraq War is number one, but Syria is "tragically catching up," says the committee.

Jackie Kyle Named Among Bronx Influential Women


City Island's hidden treasure is a savvy Realtor and successful businesswoman, a community leader and an activist, who over the years has made numerous contributions to City Island. Jackie is undoubtedly one of City Island's most famous personalities.

This 88 year old senior citizen is not only a fashion plate, and a real life VIP, but she is also a self proclaimed Wacky Jackie. When entering her City Island avenue real estate office, it's easy to identify photos with various community leaders and powerful politicians.



Many people living in The United States of America may have assumed the Confederate flag had been finally retired for good after South Carolina and Alabama officially removed it and presidential candidates from both parties declared it too divisive for display.

However, some people are still flying it, and not just in the South, despite announcements by leading flag-makers and retailers that they no longer sell products showing the secessionist battle flag.

Those who display it may be motivated by pride in their ancestry, or enthusiasm for Southern history. Others see it as a symbol of their right to challenge to authority. And some have hoisted Confederate flags in recent weeks precisely because it's generating controversy again.

Here is an old Confederate flag hanging from his weather-beaten front porch on a heavily traveled street in New York State, along the Delaware River and directly in front of Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct, also known as the Roebling Bridge. This is the oldest existing wire suspension bridge in the United States. It runs 535 feet over the Delaware River, from Minisink Ford, New York, to Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania.

NYC School Budget Axe Compensations


In addition to its role as the New York City's legislative body, the city council works with the Mayor to develop and approve the city’s annual budget. Unfortunately city schools are contending with a third straight year of budget cuts.

To ensure that the budget that is passed reflects New Yorkers’ needs and priorities, the council members conduct a review of all city agencies, the policies, the programs and the expenses. The Council says it wants to ensure that the process is as transparent and accountable as possible.



Bronxites and bicycling enthusiasts from throughout the region are invited to join Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. for the 17th Annual Tour de Bronx, New York State’s Largest Free Bicycling event, on Sunday, October 23, 2011. The ride will begin at the Bronx County Building, located at 851 Grand Concourse at E. 161 Street in the Bronx; check-in is at 9:30 a.m. and the ride departs promptly one hour later.

Participants will have the opportunity to see Bronx historic districts, vibrant neighborhoods, beautiful waterfront and great green-ways while enjoying a 40 or 25 mile bike ride.



The definition of censorship is the control of information and ideas circulated within a society. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be objectionable or offensive. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material considered indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas have been suppressed under the guise of protecting basic social institutions: Family, Church, and State.

To understand censorship, and the impulse to censor, it is necessary to strip away the shock epithet value that is attached to the word at first utterance. One must recognize that censorship and the ideology supporting it go back to ancient times, and that every society has had customs, taboos, or laws by which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual expression were regulated.

In Athens, where democracy first emerged, censorship was known as a means of enforcing the orthodoxy. Indeed, Plato was the first recorded thinker to formulate a rationale for intellectual, religious, and artistic censorship. In his ideal state outlined in The Republic, official censors would prohibit mothers and nurses from relating tales deemed bad or evil. Plato also proposed that unorthodox notions about God or the hereafter be treated as crimes and that formal procedures be established to suppress heresy. Freedom of speech in Ancient Rome was reserved for those in positions of authority...etc.