City Island Issues




NYPD has arrested a man on charges of assault as a hate crime after a 24-year-old says he was punched in the face.

Officials are now investigating whether it was part of a "knockout" assault of an unsuspecting person with one punch. The man says he overheard a group talking about it before he was attacked.

Police say the victim told them he was walking in Brooklyn around 2:45 a.m. Friday when he was struck once. He was not seriously injured.

Amrit Marajh, 28, of Brooklyn has bee arrested, along with three others who were taken into custody and were released.



Thousands of New Yorkers have already embraced the City’s bike share program as a viable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective form of public transportation. This is why US Congressman Bill Crowley is introducing legislation that further encourages participation in the program by making it more affordable for commuters.



A grand total of fourteen brands (14) of spring water have these three things in common: They're bottled by the same company, they come from the same source, and last but not least, they're potentially contaminated with E. coli.

A recall notice has been issued for Acadia, Acme, Big Y, Best Yet, 7-Eleven, Niagara, Nature's Place, Price Rite, Super Chill, Morning Fresh, Shaws, ShopRite, Western Beef Blue, and Wegmans water bottled at two plants in Pennsylvania between June 10 and 18, according to published reports.

3 Women Die Daily


A new UN Report: Alarming Violence Statistics Against Women. According to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the world must empower women, help domestic violence victims, and prevent abuse.

Secrets of New York: CITY ISLAND


Secrets of New York - Hidden Gems is a half hour television program exploring New York City's historically significant landmarks in ways the viewer has never experienced. In this episode, we learn more about City Island, NY.



Below-zero temperatures have pushed into the Northeastern region of the country. The  Polar Vortex has brought below-zero and possibly record-breaking cold weather not seen in many years to much of our entire nation.

Brutally cold weather looms for East Coast as icy conditions wreak havoc on U.S. Illinois and Indiana are seeing record breaking snow and sub zero temperatures.



A couple of boxing superstars are reportedly interested in purchasing Los Angeles Clippers.

Just hours following an announcement issued by NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban owner Donald Sterling for life, he said he would urge league owners to force Sterling to sell the team.

De La Hoya and Mayweather, have both told reporters they are serious about making a bid for the LA Clippers.

Robocall rights and wrongs


Automatically dialed telephone calls with recorded messages, known as robo-calls, annoy most everyone of those individuals with landlines.

How do we stop those annoying robo-calls?`: via @YouTube

Federal and state laws forbid certain automated calls, and violators could be fined. However, you should learn what types of calls are allowed under the law before taking steps to stop ones that aren't.

White Christmas


Many crooners have sung about it over the years, some are still dreaming about it.

What are the chances you’ll get to experience a white Christmas, if you happen to live along US East Coast?

NYC White Christmas? Forget about it, not around here. In fact, its shaping up to be the warmest season on record in many communities up and down the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine before Christmas.

Bing Crosby-I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas via @YouTube

White Christmas via @YouTube