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City Island Images received an official NOISE ALERT * NYPD Bomb Squad will be disposing of fireworks today 8/20/14 after @ 12:00PM at Rodmans Neck / NYPD Shooting Range. PUBLIC WARNING.

The original notice included a typo, which said the date was on 7/20/14. We immediately notified officials at NYPD 45th Precinct, reached to our friends at Pilot Cove, as well as Jackie Kyle and Russ Schaller, who we know do not use the internet, but support City Island Images.



The longest running coastal shark research survey along the East Coast has completed its 2015 field work, capturing and tagging more than 2,800 sharks, the most in the survey’s 29-year history. The results are very good news for shark populations.

Happy Birthday Gabo


I’m a chronicler and I try to write honestly about things that others short change. I separated myself from what was the norm and from my corner I provided commentary on the city, the country, and the world. Right now, I’m healthy, I’m still writing, I’m still recording and working. And that, I will never take for granted. I will always appreciate it.



He was an environmental activist, a folk singer and an American troubadour. Pete Seeger is dead at 94. He was always buoyed by his characteristically soaring spirit. Pete Seeger played on City Island and even took part in Occupy Movement protests.

The banjo-picking and guitar strumming troubadour who sang for college students, migrant workers, and star-struck politicians introduced generations to American folk music heritage.

The following are a wide sample of his appearances, but on this anniversary of the birth of Jose Marti, here is Pete Seeger singing about the great Cuban poet.



It will cost $1B to keep our New York region high and dry, according to a scientific research study.

Nationally as well as along the famed Jersey Shore, barrier islands are the most vulnerable coastal condition, and the most central to a traditional notion of beach tourism and culture. The Barrier Island project diversifies the traditional beach economy, allowing the economic, social, and ecological health of communities to evolve as the environment of the shore shifts and changes. Identifying a series of high-and-dry nodes with greater access to regional transportation systems and a broader terrain for year-round Eco-tourism, the project provides a new, more resilient choice for the beach-goer.

The headlands are the highest, driest, and least vulnerable of coastal edge typologies. They are characterized by large, linear ocean frontage areas, small communities with well-formed urban cores, access to public transportation, and a network of coastal lakes. Although headland communities offer the potential for less vulnerable, higher density development, they also struggle with water management challenges, a relative absence of ecological resilience, and socially vulnerable populations. The Headlands project introduces a series of layered strategies with integrated social and ecological components to address these challenges.

Drones are US


Half of the US Mexican border is being patrolled by drones to control desolate stretches lacking enforcement agents, camera towers, ground sensors, or fences. The same strategy will now be applied to the Canadian border.

Drones sweep remote mountains, canyons and rivers with a high-resolution video camera and return within three days for another video in the same spot, then officials with direct knowledge of the effort spoke with AP on condition of anonymity because details have not been made public. These two videos are analyzed with sophisticated software to identify the tracks of a farmer, his cows, or immigrants who entered the country illegally, or maybe a drug-laden vehicle.

The old fashioned approach of boots on the ground is over and out. The number of Border Patrol agents on the 1,954-mile border has doubled to surpass 18,000 and fencing nine fold to 700 miles.



President Obama's Cuba visit may have finally changed the way things are done inside the Communist island. Leaders of the Communist Party are facing unusual public criticism from inside their ranks for imposing new secrecy on social and economic reforms.

BBC News - Fidel Castro scorns Obama's Cuba visit

Obamas Tear Down This Wall Moment in Cuba | RealClearWorld

Fidel Castro to Obama: We don't need your 'presents'

London Terror


As the capital of England and the United Kingdom London is a 21st-century target for terrorists with its history stretching back to Roman times.

An explosive device was detonated on a Tube train in south-west London during this morning's rush hour commute. According to Scotland Yard, the blast, at Parsons Green station on a District Line train from Wimbledon, is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The homemade bomb was detonated on a packed train in West London, according to authorities who say most of the victims suffered from flash burns.

Twenty-two Brits are injured and have been treated in hospitals, many for burns, and eight have been discharged. A manhunt for the person who placed the device is underway and the area has been secured.

MI5 join police in manhunt for Parsons Green Tube bomber

City Island Property Owners Rejoyce


New York City has undertaken a sweeping review of how co-ops and condos are taxed following an outcry by some owners who saw the assessed market value of their properties shoot up as much as 147 percent this past year.




Delaying these requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act could possibly have negative consequences for the entire insurance market.

Experts far that without the requirement to buy insurance, it's more likely that sicker people will enroll for the coverage. Insurers base 2014 rates on the assumption of an individual mandate and a limited period for open enrollment.