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A South African judge rules that Oscar Pistorius is guilty of culpable homicide, after freeing him from the more serious charge of premeditated murder.

Pistorius is the infamous double-amputee some rooted for in the London 2012 Olympics, who shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a bathroom door.

The prosecution said he killed her on purpose, while the defense said it was a mistake because Oscar thought she was an intruder.’



Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I’m a lot like you were.

Old man look at my life,
Twenty four
and there’s so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two.

Love lost, such a cost,
Give me things
that don’t get lost.
Like a coin that won’t get tossed
Rolling home to you.

Old man take a look at my life
I’m a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that’s true.

Lullabies, look in your eyes,
Run around the same old town.

Gimme Some Truth


Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been tapped by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to direct an independent probe into the Trump administration’s Russia ties. Mueller enjoys bipartisan support and will have authority to investigate, subpoena, and prosecute. Robert Mueller, Former F.B.I. Director, Is Named Special Counsel for Russia Investigation

Deputy attorney general appoints special counsel to oversee probe of Russian interference in election



With only ten days before US government "dead" limit deadline, stubborn politicians in Washington DC are beginning to produce global ripples of anxiety, which could trigger worldwide financial heart attacks.

The US could default on a portion of its government debt and set off global financial troubles thereby undercutting various fragile economic recoveries.

A few short years following the financial crisis, which spread a deep global recession, too many people around the world are about to feel collateral damage.

The whole world is watching this debt ceiling battle, as those damn Yankees could trigger another crisis throughout financial global markets.

USA borrows as much as $16.699 trillion. The amount was raised in 2011 following the last threatened government shutdown by $2.1 trillion, with $1.2 trillion of that amount reportedly spent last January. Meanwhile, US debt grows every second by hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Actress, former child star and US diplomat, Shirley Temple Black's films cheered American depression-weary moviegoers and made her the most famous little girl in the world. She died last night at age 85 of undisclosed causes.

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928 and began her film career in 1932. Temple was an American film and television actress, singer, dancer, and former U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.



Virginia's 7th Congressional District experienced a political earthquake, with after shocks, which will surely be felt all across our nation. Brat's loud shouts of excitement and joy were not what Cantor wanted to hear.

US Representative and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va lost to a more conservative challenger Dave Brat. Mr. Brat's margin of victory was more than 10 percentage points, 44 percent for Cantor compared to 55 percent for Brat.

This means The Tea Party is alive and kicking butt. Stories stating that the Tea Party was not relevant anymore are wrong.



Millions of Americans are under another snow watch, while New York City Office of Emergency Management officials have issued a travel advisory for a wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain Tuesday evening March 3, through Wednesday morning March 4, 2015.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for 3:00 PM Tuesday through 2:00 AM Wednesday. Snow will develop late Tuesday afternoon and will mix with or change to sleet and freezing rain Tuesday evening.



A Supreme Court Justice is having a difficult time with The Donald and his outrageous ways and means. Hang on Ruthie... Let's hope Ruthie hangs on, as she speaks THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg cross the line with her comments on Donald Trump? via @HuffPostPol

Ginsburg Is Horrified By Possible Trump Presidency via @nbcnews

City Island Community Center, or Personal Piggy Bank?


As a long-time resident of City Island, a true and total owner of a condo at The Old Schoolhouse - PS 17, located at 190 Fordham Street, I am very concerned about how the City Island Community Center has not fulfilled it’s mission: to provide our City Island community a space for City Island residents to celebrate through educational, cultural and artistic events produced by and for City Islanders.



An endless number of men, women and children have already perished. These refugees are forgotten victims of fatal ocean accidents, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

This Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly.

The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees.