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Turns out that the new restaurant that is scheduled to open up on City Island is a partnership between Paul, the Albanian owner of The Lighthouse and Jimmy, the Puerto Rican former owner of Jimmy's Cafe and current owner of two other Don Coqui restaurants.

City Island Images visited with these individuals today and they told that they've also teamed up with the former owner of Lido Restaurant. However, they say that unfortunate operational issues have now delayed their grand opening.



NY Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced that a design-build team has been selected to replace the eastbound Kosciuszko Bridge carrying the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over Newtown Creek between Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

The team includes construction companies Skanska, an experienced design-build construction firm based in New York City, which will be managing partner; Ecco III of Yonkers; Kiewit of Nebraska; and HNTB of Kansas as the lead design firm. The $555 million project is the largest single contract the New York State Department of Transportation has ever undertaken.

Vortex visits


US - Here it comes, get ready for that cold weather, folks... As the snowfall winds down across the Great Lakes region through Wednesday, the unseasonably cold temperatures associated with an arctic air-mass will continue to surge southward through the central U.S. Temperatures are forecast to be 20 to 40 degrees below climate average for areas east of the Rockies into the Great Plains.

Heavy precipitation possible over parts of the Pacific Northwest...Freezing rain possible over parts of the Pacific Northwest...Temperatures will be 25 to 40 degrees below average east of the Rockies



Following a long bout of silence and after refusing to meet with Obama, Fidel has finally decided to speak out on the president's historic visit to Cuba. He says he is not a happy camper and does not want any gifts.

We can only wonder why after they invited the US President, then pull out the Castro welcome mat?

BBC News - Fidel Castro scorns Obama's Cuba visit

Fidel Castro to Obama: We don't need your 'presents'

Legalization of Marijuana


Do pros prevail over cons? The allowance to use cannabis legally is great news but the dose really matters.
The forbidden fruit is sweet. This adage is definitely true about a lot of issues, and marijuana is
not an exception. In order to improve the situation with this drug abuse, the number of the US
states legalized the use of marijuana for adults. To everyone’s surprise, the outcomes after the
first years were rather positive. For instance, in 2014, in the state of Washington, the number of
law violations decreased by 63% while marijuana-related convictions reduced by 81%. A good

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The deadly devastation in the Philippines as a result of the Typhoon has reportedly caused 25 hundred deaths and many surviving victims are pleading for help and assistance as looting and lawlessness takes over.

Public safety officials are guarding stores to prevent people from hauling off food, water and such non-essentials as TVs and treadmills, but there is no one to carry away the dead in Tacloban, the worst-hit city along the country's remote eastern seaboard.



US to Putin: Don't send troops into Ukraine

Ukraine upheaval: The key players

Protests in Kiev: A chronicle of key events

Ukraine protests: warrant issued for arrest of Viktor Yanukovych – live updates:

A single tear for Sochi

Anti-Putin protesters sentenced to up to 4 years

Taliban carries out deadly raid on Afghan army base

Italian Hospital Society Latest Developments


Despite on and off objections and following multiple meetings, The Italian Hospital Society’s proposed senior-housing facility is finally moving forward and will now begin their long anticipated project, full speed ahead.

City Island Real Estate Broker Jacqueline Kyle Kall, Real Estate Broker and owner operator of Port of Kall Realty tells City Island Images that she is delighted with this new development, which sale she has represented.