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As voters we have more power over our country than we think. We must not be influenced into thinking what our politicians want us to think.

1) We must be willing to invest in building and electing politicians that have the best interest of the middle class. We need to build and support our own PAC's. It will take investing, but we are already leveraging credit and working endless hours to survive.



The Speaker of The US House of Representatives apparently speaks only for himself. He says something one way and then gets no respect or support the next day.

Paul Ryan spoke against the GOP candidate and now he's going to speak on his behalf. Paul puts his foot inside his mouth all too often. He has lost his clout and is not "Politically Poor Paul."

Paul Ryan will be walking a tightrope at next week’s GOP convention, Gerald F. Seib writes via @WSJ

Democracy’s Final Hurrah?


I never want to see democracy’s final hurrah, and trust me neither do you. Believe me that I can tell you!

Years ago, I surprised a lot of people, including myself by making a career move from the dark side to a brighter side: After a lifetime of jaded journalism trenches starting with my very intense 3 months long full-time internship with The Washington Post and Newsweek, I was hired by NBC News, then management stints at Univision, Telemundo, VOA, News12 and The AP, where I finally took a buy out and moved into academia.

Remembering 9/11


Were you in NYC? Do you recall where you were and what you're doing during 9/11 attacks?

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Why was outgoing and lame-duck NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg conspicuously absent when New York's Governor led a Sunday morning news conference on the derailment that killed four and injured 63? He was reportedly playing golf in Bermuda, according to Wall Street Journal and NY Post articles.

Governor Cuomo was there with with several other officials, including MTA Chief, NYPD and FDNY commissioners, but Bloomberg was a no show.



Overdue investments continue to pile up for New York’s aging infrastructure. The Center for an Urban Future states that while Super-storm Sandy focused much-needed attention on key pieces of NYC’s infrastructure, the city faces a number of other vulnerabilities that have little to do with storm-preparedness. These range from from aging water mains and deteriorating roads to many crumbling public schools.

An alarming report states that if left unchecked, they could wreak havoc on the economy of The Big Apple and and quality of life of New Yorkers.



A US medical doctor who was infected with the Ebola virus in Africa has now arrived in Atlanta for treatment. Dr. Kent Brantley's airplane landed at a military base and was whisked away and placed in isolation.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe, often fatal disease in humans and monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees.



A good friend of ours was mentioning that it felt like their employer was expecting them to work all hours of the day and night. Apparently, this is turning out to be thew new norm. Could this be the demise of 9 to 5?

Findings indicate the following: 2 in 5 workers keep working outside of traditional office hours;
1 in 4 check on work during activities with family and friends; Men more likely to be tied to the office



The GOP party has already started without an RSVP and there's not turning back America.
Who was it who promised to drain the swamp? Republicans have apparently decided they don't need not stinking ethics committee.

House GOP votes to gut independent ethics office

House GOP votes to put independent Office of Government Ethics under lawmakers’ control

City Island Walking Tours


City Island Images is proud to announce walking tours of City Island and surrounding areas.

Our small tour groups will meet @ the last stop on the #6 SUBWAY, Pelham Bay Station. We will then take the #29 Bus to City Island, where we will begin our journey. Depending on the tour and dates, our stops will include Pelham Cemetery, City Island Historical Society/Museum, The Old Schoolhouse, PS 175, Yacht Clubs, Restaurants, Galleries, Shoppes, Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. We will finish at the end of City Island Avenue and return to Pelham Bay Station #6 SUBWAY.