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Future of TV Football


The NFL is America’s most profitable television production. It dominates weekly television ratings each fall and completely takes over more than a third of American television sets on a day in early February each year. In 1939, NBC became the first network to televise a live professional football game. The Philadelphia Eagles game against the Brooklyn Dodgers was filmed with two cameras and a staff of 8. They reached 1000 television sets in New York City. Today NFL games drag in an audience of over 17 million viewers for an average regular season game.



There are a total of six questions on NYC's ballot. Have you decided which ones you will support?



The countdown is on until the Spring Equinox. There are two equinoxes every year. One in March and another in September. This is when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal.

Seasons are opposite on either side of the equator, so the equinox in March is also known as the "Spring Equinox" in the northern hemisphere. However, in the southern hemisphere, it's know as the "autumnal equinox", which occurs in Fall.

March Equinox in New York, New York, U.S.A. is on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 12:57 PM



The US Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a police officer can not search the cell phones of criminal suspects upon arrest without first obtaining a search warrant.

The 9-0 vote ruled that smart phones and other electronic devices were not in the same category as wallets, briefcases, and vehicles, which are currently subject to limited initial examination by law enforcement.

Generally such searches are permitted if there is probable cause that a crime may have been committed, to ensure officers' safety and prevent destruction of evidence.



According to European researchers, the mortality of alcohol-dependent patients in general hospitals is many times higher than that of patients without alcohol dependency.

The study was published in the journal European Psychiatry and carried out by scientists from the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University of Bonn Hospital in Germany and their British colleagues, using patient data from various general hospitals in Manchester, England.



Our present political pollution must be immediately cleaned up if we are to improve our vile national climate.

The upcoming presidential debates must concentrate on the issues and not personal attacks. Candidates should prioritize difficult issues like education, job growth, social security as they pertain to medicare, fiscal responsibility, and intergenerational equity.

They must outline their plans to slow the rate of growth in health care costs that threatens many Americans. How will they encourage the country to save and reduce our dependency on the foreign lenders? How will they emphasize statutory budget controls, entitlement reform, current tax policies and encourage bipartisan action to review all issues and make recommendations with a guaranteed up or down vote by Congress?

We need to elect a president who will solve many critical issues, unite all Americans and educate the public to seek meaningful reforms.

Help Me, I'm Angry


I received an email and a phone call from two angry people who claimed they wanted to talk, but did not want to listen to the voice of reason. I always thought that a true conversation was a two-way communication and not a monolog.

I get it, at one time or another, everyone feels anger bubbling up. There's nothing wrong with that. Anger is common. It's a normal response when you sense a threat or a possible slight. I tried to address their concerns, but to no avail. So to them and all who feel angry.

20 Things to Do When You Feel Extremely Angry

City Island Stars are Needed @ CITG


You are cordially invited to become a member of the City Island Theater Group. For more than 12 years, CITG has been bringing quality theater to the City Island Community. You can be a part of the excitement, by becoming a member.

Whether you want to act or work behind the scenes, CITG has many opportunities for you. Every member helps to sell tickets by talking-up our shows.

As a member you are eligible to vote at the annual meeting and are entitled to attend the open session of Board meetings. We look forward to your active participation.



Over the past couple of weeks, I have traveled thousands of miles over land (train and automobile) as well as by the air (propeller airplanes and jets) and I have experienced first hand, along with fellow travelers all sorts of freezing rain, strong winds, snow drifts and thunderstorms, as I joined millions who are going home for the Christmas holidays.



A couple of hundred elected officials in New York are pushing to cut property taxes, but not all are in favor. Where does your representative stand?

“Sky-high property taxes have been an unsustainable financial burden for working- and middle-class families in the Southern Tier and all across the State. We capped property taxes and now we have to cut them,” Governor Cuomo said. “Our tax reform proposal provides more than $1 billion in relief to those New Yorkers while also encouraging local governments to cut costs and share services in order to address the incredible tax rates that currently exist. This is an agenda that has attracted support from hundreds of local leaders across the State, who recognize the importance of increasing government’s efficiency and standing up for the taxpayer. I urge the legislature to join us by passing property tax reform this year.”