1 Percent Santa?


Every child, no matter what his or her parent's economic status is, should be able to sit with Santa at the mall without having to pay through their red noses, regardless of what amount of money they are charged.

Families who experience this exciting moment say and parents and most of all, the kids are thrilled. Therefore, now that Santa Claus is coming to town, the experience should be for all, not just for those who can afford to see him.

However, a New Jersey Mall has decided that seeing Santa has a $35 starting price tag. The Adventure to Santa experience, which takes families on a 4D virtual sleigh ride to the North Pole with Shrek and friends, ranges from $35 to $75 per family or person.

Parents fume at Cherry Hill Mall's pricey Santa http://po.st/b4e21y via @PhillyBusiness

Seeing Santa at this mall will cost at least $35 http://s.pennlive.com/4WZU0XQ via @pennlive

'Adventure to Santa' in one NJ mall no longer free, but how much to see St. Nick? http://fw.to/cCaK7Xf

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town https://youtu.be/HWv72L4wgCc via @YouTube

Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me (Audio) https://youtu.be/jnXxxKZ57Tw via @YouTube

Santa Claus is Coming to Town | Kids Christmas Song https://youtu.be/RjoMqFlc5zQ via @YouTube

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town https://youtu.be/HWv72L4wgCc?list=RDHWv72L4wgCc via @YouTube

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen https://youtu.be/GYIVYxZOWwo via @YouTube

You better watch out and better not cry... Santa Claus is coming to town!