Big Bother and Baby Sitter


The 2016 camp pain has disintegrated into a playground brawl and a cafeteria food fight.

The activities that relate to influencing future actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power for people and their opinions about what should be done according to political thoughts and opinions.

It has come to mud slinging and accusations of dirty tricks. Will an unfortunate flirtation with fascism lead to more violence, or death?

Rubio campaign accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' in Hawaii

Donald Trump Calls Comparisons to Adolf Hitler 'Terrible' - ABC News - via @ABC

Clinton, Sanders tangle on economy in Democratic debate

When Political Parties Splinter


There's two candidates I

There's two candidates I liked, but unfortunately the only canditates whose political beliefs match mine are considered "outsiders". Both campaigned for the revived independent Reform Party: Harry Bigcocke and Lou Skunt.