Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Place: City Island Yacht Club
63 Pilot Street
City Island, NY 10464
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Nine Sessions
Price: Instruction is free. Nominal fee for course materials
Contact: Jim Duffy (718)863-3855 (Please do not call after 10 PM)
or Franz Alvarez (914)636-5216 email:

Public Boating Flier:
The Safe Boating course is designed to familiarize you with most of the fundamentals of safe boating.

Subjects covered include:

* Boat Handling
* Boat Types & Terminology
* Boating Regulations
* Navigational Rules
* Lines and Knots
* Adverse Conditions
* Emergencies
* Weather
* Charts
* Aids to Navigation
* Regional Boating
* Piloting Techniques
* Engine Trouble Shooting
* Fundamentals of Sailing
* Marine Radio Telephone Usage
* Trailer Boating

The course is a requirement for membership when you as a MEMBER can build upon these learning's. If you are already a member check out the other squadron courses you can take.



Given the unpredictability of life, some would think twice before taking their beloved classic vehicle to a caravan, or antique car show because it is always a risk. First there are all those people wandering around with their kids, drinks, food and such. There's also a chance of a scratch, or a smudge. Or even the possibility of a dent if you're really unlucky. But the folks who participated today were as lucky as they could be. The weather was also pleasant.