Citizens Soap Box


City Images wishes to know what's on your mind... Speak up, citizens!

This originates from the days when individuals would stand on a wooden crate used for shipment of soap or any other dry goods from a manufacturer to a distributor.

So, we want to know what's bugging you? Write to your heart's content.

What's keeping you up at night and worth sharing with the online community?

The truth is many of our leaders don’t know enough about what we want and need. Your stories help them better understand the value of the taxes you and your families pay to support your area.

We’ve already sent multiple messages to our elected leaders. And each time you send legislators your thoughts, they get the message: we want fair and clear rules for all our citizens.

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice be HEARD!!!



Here are reasons why I wish to be 39 forever:

I have no clue what's on MTV.

When people say older folks they're talking about me.

I'm more likely to forget to have sex than to forget to floss.

If I eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I've gained an inch of waistline by dinnertime.

I get a full night's sleep, but look like I was up all night. But not up all night doing something cool.

I'm probably never going to be a Solid Gold Dancer, Soul Train or American Bandstand..

The me in my head is like the foxy little brother of the me in the mirror.

If I strolled across a college campus, people would assume teacher, professor Ph.D!

I'm old enough to finally be admitted to the AARP.

Most days, I choose comfort over style. I'm a traitor to my stilettos.

All the tanning I did is showing up now as brown blotches. Get a Sharpie and you could draw.

The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and The Cure are now considered oldies.

Everything I wore in high school has been appropriated ironically by hipsters.

Only a fortysomething is old enough to remember the TV show Thirtysomething. More irony.

Oooh, my aching back, legs, arms, neck...etc.

Ages 31-39 are a total blur. I'm scared I'll blink and be 100.

I still think 33-year-old gals are hot. And they're like, sir?

Why didn't I take topless pictures of myself when I was younger?

I fantasize about taping up the sides of my face. It takes 10 years off instantly.

Touching my toes is not a guarantee.

Forget 50 Shades of Grey - my nightstand is full of Bengay. The apothecary is open!

I even have one of those days-of-the-week vitamin boxes.

If I buy a turtle it might outlive me.

The bad habits I still have are probably here to stay.

I say things like, "What's the name of that actor, you know, he was in that thing?"

I get a hangover from looking at liquor.

My next milestone birthday is... I forgot!

Valentines Day Celebration


V Day is days away. Are you wondering about ways to treat that special person in your life? Are you considering fancy chocolates and fine wine, or perhaps a sensual massage?

Our recommendation is simple and direct. Gratitude Kudos... This year on February 14th, while many couples are spending the big bucks at restaurants, drinking overpriced wines, try cuddling on your couch and saying nice things to each other. Because it turns out that despite all the efforts to impress on V-Day, simply appreciating each other does more for your relationship than almost anything else.



Hello, November. What's up? Is it the ninth day yet? With only a week away from election day, who knows which surprises are still coming our way?

Will the candidates play nice and finally outline their plans to move our nation forward, or will the mudslinging increase more than it already has?

One light at the end of the toxic political tunnel is a new meaning of Thanksgiving in America. Let's make sure the outcome does not cause violence from anyone person or a group.

Shame on You: WEINERS


These two Weiners' expiration dates have passed and now appear to be ready to serve phoney baloney to anyone who will buy into it.

Watching them is like viewing an old Jerry Springer rerun. These two are trying to claw their way into public office.

New York City voters will never elect this guy to be their pubic servant... Imagine him texting, while working as Mayor?

These two take the "fun" out of the term dysfunctional couple. He does not have a real job and he is asking NYC voters to trust him with the keys to City Hall. What is he thinking?



My Tocayo likes to tell it like it is. Robert De Niro, who is considered to be one of the greatest American actors of all time, was born in New York City, to artists Virginia Admiral and Robert De Niro Sr. His paternal grandfather was of Italian descent, and his other ancestry is Irish, Dutch, English, French, and German.

The native New Yorker, De Niro gave an amazing graduation speech to NYU grads AT Tisch School of the Arts' commencement telling the students they would have a hard time finding jobs after graduation.

Learning 4 Rs


Reading, ’riting, ’rithmetic, rhetoric are the main subjects all students should master before they graduate, with no exceptions.

These are regarded as the fundamentals of education of basic knowledge, or skills of any system or field of study regardless of the language.



It has now been about a week since running back Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended from the National Football League for punching and knocking out his then-fiancee and believe it or not, now-wife inside a hotel elevator, back in February.

Spring Weather Warnings


Our introduction to Spring plans to bring more snow, and slush. This will make for treacherous and stormy trails on First Day of Spring.

NY, NJ and CT residents have waited eagerly for Spring, but it may be marred by a slushy, wintry storms and wicked weather no one wants.

Long Island Sound area residents may see as much as 6 inches of accumulation before Friday evening. A slushy 4 inches are probable in New York City, on Long Island and in parts of New Jersey. NYC has issued a snow alert ahead of the storm. Friday are expected to cap out at slightly above the freezing mark.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a new report on the health effects of marijuana, looking at more than 10,000 studies about medical and recreational use. It is considered to be the most comprehensive since 1999.

These released Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research.

Significant changes have taken place in the policy landscape surrounding cannabis legalization, production, and use.



It's official - One World Trade Center, which rises above the lower Manhattan skyline in New York City is the tallest building in the USA. It measures 1,368 feet without its decorative spire, which adds 409 feet making it 1776 feet tall.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which is the official arbiters of all things architectural, says that the 409-foot antenna atop 1 WTC counts toward the building's full height.



Is the poem the only one in the Citizens' Soap Box? Where are the rest, if any?


Dear Lady standing by the sea
You are a welcome sight to see
I have left the walls and shores of tyranny
And now I gaze at thee
You stand so tall for all to see
Your burning torch lights up the night
So all can see your Crown of Liberty
We who have come from across the sea
Stand on crowded decks to gaze at thee
I know that if by chance you gaze at me
My only wish is to be free
Dear Lady standing by the sea.

By City Islander Jim Mullarkey
82nd Airborne Division