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City Images wishes to know what's on your mind... Speak up, citizens!

This originates from the days when individuals would stand on a wooden crate used for shipment of soap or any other dry goods from a manufacturer to a distributor.

So, we want to know what's bugging you? Write to your heart's content.

What's keeping you up at night and worth sharing with the online community?

The truth is many of our leaders don’t know enough about what we want and need. Your stories help them better understand the value of the taxes you and your families pay to support your area.

We’ve already sent multiple messages to our elected leaders. And each time you send legislators your thoughts, they get the message: we want fair and clear rules for all our citizens.

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice be HEARD!!!



This fear comes in many ways, shapes and forms, Dangerous crimes and attacks, as well as the fear of not being able to financially care for ourselves and our families.

There are multiple fears, with the first being a crisis of security and extremism, as we witnessed on Tuesday in the horrors in Pakistan and Belgium. The second is a crisis of human movement, when hundreds of thousands of refugees are moving and a debate over the means by which to manage them. The third is the world political crisis, in which conventional politics is being challenged by more extreme and intolerant parties.

Divided States of America


Every day the bitter divisions distinguish America's political parties dividing Democrats and Republicans.

No wonder, one in four Americans would like to see their state secede from the United States of America. Not long ago, the world witnessed Scotland and Spain debate the wisdom of independence, recently some US citizens said they liked the idea of declaring independence from the country their ancestors helped create.

Let Freedom Ring


Medals of Freedom were awarded to 21 recipients in The White House today.

Those awarded included Robert de Niro, Diana Ross and more.

Obama awards Medal of Freedom to a star-studded list of 21 recipients

President Obama awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Robert de Niro, Diana Ross and more

Springsteen, Hanks, DeGeneres honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom via @usatoday



What a hell of a week its been. Thank God its Friday, but our problems are not over.

This week started with a US government shut down over Obamacare, aka Affordable Care Act. What do Americans and the rest of the world think about US?

The whole world is watching and what it sees may not be pretty. It appears to be a mixture of bewilderment and growing nervousness that any debt default could hit struggling other countries classified as economies.

What do you think about this ugly side of partisan politics in Washington DC?



Former FIFA officials and four executives are sought on charges including racketeering and corruption.

Chinese unable to recover more than 420 people believed to be trapped inside an overturned river cruise ship.

Dozens of Cubans taking courses in journalism, led by US professors via video link, organized by US government.

The state's largest lake has dwindling water resources, which continue during a historic drought.


Vaping e-cigarettes


Dictionaries are calling vaping the act of smoking an e-cigarette. Vaping has gone mainstream and it has become the word of the year, according to Oxford.

The usage of the word vape and related terms has shown a marked increase due to the growing public debate on the public dangers and the need for regulation.

The word, which was first used in the 1980s, can be employed as a verb to mean inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes but also as a noun to refer to the devices themselves.



Who's is the real crook and how much was that deal worth? Reports continue to surface concerning payoffs and the deal is beginning to look more like a steal.

Greg Abbott's top consumer attorneys built a $5.4M case against Donald Trump, but it never happened

'Trump U' scandal gets worse for Florida's AG via @msnbc



The United Nations estimates that the world will have a population of 8.4 billion by 2030. These statistics were released during the 48th session of the UN Commission on Population and Development that opened in NYC on Monday.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon said the international community is going to forge a set of sustainable development goals and they will be influenced by the profound demographic shifts which take place in current world, especially those related to youth, the elderly, urbanization and migration.

Writing and Wrongings


Blogs like #CITYIMAGES not only provide multiple viewpoints about pleasant issues and adversity but allow for public comments as long as they do not cross the line of civility.

Humans evolved to notice sounds, smells, to appreciate smiles or the body language of a potential friend or foe. We adapt to conditions and learn and to do all of the things necessary for survival. We enjoy the arts, and music because rhythm and melodies have been the methods we have communicated over long distances.



Following Edward Snowden's disclosures about the National Security Agency's alleged spying programs that resulted in a passionate national debate about surveillance and individual privacy. President Obama outlined several points today. He delivered a speech about NSA surveillance and the future of digital privacy.

Mr. Obama introduced a number of welcome reforms to NSA surveillance, while leaving in place the bulk collection of Americans' sensitive data.



Is the poem the only one in the Citizens' Soap Box? Where are the rest, if any?


Dear Lady standing by the sea
You are a welcome sight to see
I have left the walls and shores of tyranny
And now I gaze at thee
You stand so tall for all to see
Your burning torch lights up the night
So all can see your Crown of Liberty
We who have come from across the sea
Stand on crowded decks to gaze at thee
I know that if by chance you gaze at me
My only wish is to be free
Dear Lady standing by the sea.

By City Islander Jim Mullarkey
82nd Airborne Division