Citizens Soap Box


City Images wishes to know what's on your mind... Speak up, citizens!

This originates from the days when individuals would stand on a wooden crate used for shipment of soap or any other dry goods from a manufacturer to a distributor.

So, we want to know what's bugging you? Write to your heart's content.

What's keeping you up at night and worth sharing with the online community?

The truth is many of our leaders don’t know enough about what we want and need. Your stories help them better understand the value of the taxes you and your families pay to support your area.

We’ve already sent multiple messages to our elected leaders. And each time you send legislators your thoughts, they get the message: we want fair and clear rules for all our citizens.

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice be HEARD!!!

Donald Trump gets to treat everyone around him, from his aides to the press to the people targeted by his policies, as his own personal punching bag because he’s never been confronted with anyone more powerful than he is who punches back.



What, no fans? Today's Chicago White Sox vs Baltimore Orioles baseball game will be first one in history to ever be played without a crowd. What's happened to America's favorite past time?

Major League Baseball makes wrong call in Baltimore

CNN: Orioles game on Wednesday will have no fans

White Sox-Orioles game will be first one ever played without a crowd:

RIP: Cecilia Alvear


Although my friend and colleague Cecilia Alvear is now gone, she will never be forgotten. Veteran NBC producer and award-winning multilingual journalist Cecilia Alvear died following a long battle with breast cancer. She also served as executive editor of

Longtime NBC journalist Cecilia Alvear, who opened doors for Latinos and women, dies at 77



US Congressional Hispanic Caucus members have called for quick action to address the humanitarian crisis involving unaccompanied minors entering this country, little is being actually accomplished.

Media organizations have the duty to make the obvious case of racism here. If these kids, or young adults were white fleeing violence, para-military gangs and drug cartels, there would be no outrage.

It's just that their skin is too dark for those who call this an immigration problem and not a global refugee crisis. What say you?

Songs By Women


To counter program this year's Superbowl, we decided to offer you a good amount of music. There are plenty of sexy songs to select from all over the Internet.

The following eclectic collection may be difficult to top. The following are a seductive, exciting set of songs by females, who are in touch with their sexuality and have no fears to share it. Listen, watch and you be the judge.

Bessie Smith - Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl (Audio)

Etta James - Baby What You Want Me To Do

Next of Kindness


The cliché that you can chose your friends but not your family members becomes apparent when one meets with the latter and finds out that some drank that potion when we were’nt watching.

There are usually two groups of folks, the ones deeply rooted in truth, and justice or the others who believe whatever they are told but don’t participate in ways which require analysis or closer inspections to issues in order to seek enlightenment.



36.6 million viewers for the Academy Awards telecast on ABC, and it was 16 percent lower than last year.
For those who missed the show, there were unfortunate moments like best picture segment. Alejandro G. Iñárritu made history back in 2006 by becoming the first Mexican director to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director, this time he won.

Power To The People


US voters in several states and municipalities showed strong support for eliminating big money from politics and empowering the people. Here are some links for your information.

American High Grace


There will be a celebration and mass on Sunday, January 14, 2018, at 2 PM in honor of Our Lady of Altagracia, patroness of the Dominican Republic. Auxiliary Bishop of Santo Domingo, Ràmon Benito Ángeles Fernández will be the principal celebrant. He will be joined by the Reverend Ambiorix Rodriguez, Chaplain for the Our Lady of Altagracia Committee and Delegate for the Dominican Priests in New York. The First Lady of the Dominican Republic, Càndida Montilla de Medina, will be in attendance representing the Dominican community in New York.



Our country has to have an honest conversation about many crucial topics like our crumbling infrastructure, racism and many other important issues..

Instead, we get self described newsmen and women who are more like views men calling civil rights leaders race hustlers, or dismissing the struggle for equality as a grievance industry.

This nation is crying out for respectful dialogue. And one of the few places that conversation can occur is right here.

What are the top issues this country faces?



Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.

The solstice heralds the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This year the summer begins with the solstice on June 21 at 12:38 P.M. EDT. Are you ready for hot times in the summertime?
Top 50 Singles Charts | June 2015 | Best SUMMER Billboard Music Hits



Is the poem the only one in the Citizens' Soap Box? Where are the rest, if any?


Dear Lady standing by the sea
You are a welcome sight to see
I have left the walls and shores of tyranny
And now I gaze at thee
You stand so tall for all to see
Your burning torch lights up the night
So all can see your Crown of Liberty
We who have come from across the sea
Stand on crowded decks to gaze at thee
I know that if by chance you gaze at me
My only wish is to be free
Dear Lady standing by the sea.

By City Islander Jim Mullarkey
82nd Airborne Division