Citizens Soap Box


City Images wishes to know what's on your mind... Speak up, citizens!

This originates from the days when individuals would stand on a wooden crate used for shipment of soap or any other dry goods from a manufacturer to a distributor.

So, we want to know what's bugging you? Write to your heart's content.

What's keeping you up at night and worth sharing with the online community?

The truth is many of our leaders don’t know enough about what we want and need. Your stories help them better understand the value of the taxes you and your families pay to support your area.

We’ve already sent multiple messages to our elected leaders. And each time you send legislators your thoughts, they get the message: we want fair and clear rules for all our citizens.

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice be HEARD!!!



It's official - One World Trade Center, which rises above the lower Manhattan skyline in New York City is the tallest building in the USA. It measures 1,368 feet without its decorative spire, which adds 409 feet making it 1776 feet tall.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which is the official arbiters of all things architectural, says that the 409-foot antenna atop 1 WTC counts toward the building's full height.



Donald J Trumps's political camp pain was successful attacking his opponents and denying much of what has long been the norm. Are constant denials a partisan issue or the solution to problems?

He denied climate change, that generals knew what they're doing, that America is already great, denying the real outcome of our election... etc.

But denial is no longer going to make it. Investigations into Russian hacking will not be denied.

Happy Flu Year


A flu epidemic has spread across the US, with 15 child deaths reported in nine states so far, according to federal health officials.

It’s not possible to predict how bad this flu season will be like. Flu seasons are unpredictable in a number of ways. While flu spreads every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season usually varies from one season to another.

Flu viruses are constantly changing so it's not unusual for new flu viruses to appear each year. For more information about how flu viruses change, visit How the Flu Virus Can Change.

RIP: Cecilia Alvear


Although my friend and colleague Cecilia Alvear is now gone, she will never be forgotten. Veteran NBC producer and award-winning multilingual journalist Cecilia Alvear died following a long battle with breast cancer. She also served as executive editor of

Longtime NBC journalist Cecilia Alvear, who opened doors for Latinos and women, dies at 77



A website specializing in US coins has released its list of most valuable " pennies " to look out for.

This list includes some that are highly prized among collectors and paid thousands of dollars .

According to the website Cointrackers, the "penny" of most value is worth $100,000 and is a paper currency from 1944. For more information about these pennies that are now collectibles and great value,

The Most Valuable Pennies (Updated 2015) |



U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today announced that at the Department’s insistence, air bag manufacturer Takata has acknowledged that a defect exists in its air bag inflators. Takata has agreed to a national recall of certain types of driver and passenger side air bag inflators. These inflators were made with a propellant that can degrade over time and has led to ruptures that have been blamed for six deaths worldwide. The action expands the number of vehicles to be recalled for defective Takata inflators to nearly 34 million.



The Federal Communications Commission has proposed the first-ever privacy protections governing Broadband Internet Service Providers. This could become one of the biggest wins for online privacy we’ve seen in a long time.

However, the broadband carriers are putting up a fight. Big companies like Verizon and Comcast want the freedom to sell our data to the highest bidder. They are lobbying the FCC hard to weaken new rules so they can continue monitoring our data.



Here are reasons why I wish to be 39 forever:

I have no clue what's on MTV.

When people say older folks they're talking about me.

I'm more likely to forget to have sex than to forget to floss.

If I eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I've gained an inch of waistline by dinnertime.

I get a full night's sleep, but look like I was up all night. But not up all night doing something cool.

I'm probably never going to be a Solid Gold Dancer, Soul Train or American Bandstand..

The me in my head is like the foxy little brother of the me in the mirror.

If I strolled across a college campus, people would assume teacher, professor Ph.D!

I'm old enough to finally be admitted to the AARP.

Most days, I choose comfort over style. I'm a traitor to my stilettos.

All the tanning I did is showing up now as brown blotches. Get a Sharpie and you could draw.

The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and The Cure are now considered oldies.

Everything I wore in high school has been appropriated ironically by hipsters.

Only a fortysomething is old enough to remember the TV show Thirtysomething. More irony.

Oooh, my aching back, legs, arms, neck...etc.

Ages 31-39 are a total blur. I'm scared I'll blink and be 100.

I still think 33-year-old gals are hot. And they're like, sir?

Why didn't I take topless pictures of myself when I was younger?

I fantasize about taping up the sides of my face. It takes 10 years off instantly.

Touching my toes is not a guarantee.

Forget 50 Shades of Grey - my nightstand is full of Bengay. The apothecary is open!

I even have one of those days-of-the-week vitamin boxes.

If I buy a turtle it might outlive me.

The bad habits I still have are probably here to stay.

I say things like, "What's the name of that actor, you know, he was in that thing?"

I get a hangover from looking at liquor.

My next milestone birthday is... I forgot!

Quotes and Proverbs


Always check your facts, or you will find the truth is not always what's you'd like it to be or what you say it is. A word to the wise is sufficient definition. Intelligent people can take hints; they don't need to have everything explained to them at great length.

Donald Trump tried to use an Irish proverb and failed miserably

"A good writer of history is a guy who is suspicious. Suspicion marks the real


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Is the poem the only one in the Citizens' Soap Box? Where are the rest, if any?


Dear Lady standing by the sea
You are a welcome sight to see
I have left the walls and shores of tyranny
And now I gaze at thee
You stand so tall for all to see
Your burning torch lights up the night
So all can see your Crown of Liberty
We who have come from across the sea
Stand on crowded decks to gaze at thee
I know that if by chance you gaze at me
My only wish is to be free
Dear Lady standing by the sea.

By City Islander Jim Mullarkey
82nd Airborne Division