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City Images wishes to know what's on your mind... Speak up, citizens!

This originates from the days when individuals would stand on a wooden crate used for shipment of soap or any other dry goods from a manufacturer to a distributor.

So, we want to know what's bugging you? Write to your heart's content.

What's keeping you up at night and worth sharing with the online community?

The truth is many of our leaders don’t know enough about what we want and need. Your stories help them better understand the value of the taxes you and your families pay to support your area.

We’ve already sent multiple messages to our elected leaders. And each time you send legislators your thoughts, they get the message: we want fair and clear rules for all our citizens.

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice be HEARD!!!



Did you reflect on all your blessings this Christmas? Have you received everything you needed?
Were you able to spend time or speak with someone special and tell them you love them?
Please, share with us what was that favorite present waiting for you under the tree.

Please feel free to share with City Island Images. However, if you did not get all the gifts that you were expecting, this is probably the best time to get the best deals and lowest prices on those items that were probably overpriced to begin with.



The Dow plunged 470 points, while oil prices sink 8 percent in a grim beginning for a weak September.

US stock-market sunk as it kicked off September with heavy losses on the heels of the worst month for Wall Street since 2012 with serious concerns over the strength of the global economy.

U.S. stocks suffer 3rd-worst drop of year on weak China data

Wall Street kicks off stormy Sept: Dow plunges 470 points on weak China data via @usatoday

Dow nosedives 470 points on more China fears via @CNNMoney



Election Day is less than a month away. It’s time to make sure you’ve checked off all the things you need to vote in 2016. Deadlines are fast approaching and some states will open early voting in September. Waiting or ignoring deadlines could put your vote in jeopardy.

Review USAGov’s list of things to do before you vote to make sure you know all you need to know before November 8:



While speaking with a friend and neighbor today, its appears that poor behavior is the new normal. Please make it a call-to-action towards restoration of respectful gestures and tolerance towards everyone, regardless or their nationality, race, color, creed, or sexual preference.
Live and let live is the policy and personal philosophy that should be practiced by all.



Multiple injuries by twisters that made landfall Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Nebraska damaging property.

Conservative and Labour Party leaders are wishing and hoping to win a majority of Parliament's 650 seats.

Congress may review and possibly reject a nuclear deal with Tehran if US Senate has its way with words.

Dressing in white offering prayers, flowers and lighting incense is the Hindu ritual to memorialize quake deaths.


Nationalism vs Globalism


Globalism has been the American philosophy for a long time and can be seen in media, academia, at financial corporations and at charitable foundations. Then came The Donald and changed everything, with his nationalism promises on immigration, foreign policies and trade talk.

Nationalists believe that any true nation must have clearly delineated and protected borders, otherwise it isn’t really a nation. They also believe that their nation’s cultural heritage is sacred and needs to be protected, whereas mass immigration from far-flung lands could undermine the national commitment to that heritage. Globalists don’t care about borders. They believe the nation-state is obsolete, a relic of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which codified the recognition of co-existing nation states. Globalists reject Westphalia in favor of an integrated world with information, money, goods and people traversing the globe at accelerating speeds without much regard to traditional concepts of nationhood or borders.

Globalists are motivated by humanitarian impulses. For them, the rights and well-being of the world’s people supersede the rights and well-being of the American populace. Nationalists don’t care about dominating world events. Being nationalists, they want their country to be powerful, with plenty of military reaches, but mostly to protect American national interests. They usually ask a fundamental question when foreign adventures are proposed—whether the national interest justifies the expenditure of American blood and treasure on behalf of this or that military initiative. The fate of other people struggling around the globe, however heartrending, doesn’t usually figure in nationalist considerations. The fate of America is the key.

The US history of trade admits of no straight-line analysis. Andrew Jackson was a supreme nationalist, and a free-trader. William McKinley made America a global power but was a protectionist. In our own time, though, the fault line is clear. Globalists salute the free flow of goods across national borders on the theory that this will foster ever greater global commerce, to the benefit of all peoples of all nations. Whether they are right or not, their focus is on the American citizens whose lives and livelihoods have been also hollowed out in many instances. Thus has a powerful new wave of protectionism washed over the body politic, leaving globalist elites running to get out of the way. Globalists were too focused on global trade and commerce to notice the horrendous plight of America’s internal refugees from the industrial nation of old.

Therefore, it's not women vs. men; evangelicals vs. liberals; Latinos vs. Whites, working-class Americans with no college; progressives vs. traditionalists; old vs. young. These are all important, but not crucial. An understanding of this mudslinging camp pain and the upcoming election, or what may be known as the revolution of 2016 will be what is driving The United States of America into a period of serious political tremors.

The mission of informing, enlightening, illuminating, stimulating and entertaining our readers also involves equipping digital content consumers with knowledge, wisdom, and context needed to act as productive citizens.



A passenger 777 Boeing airplane from Malaysia Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has reportedly crashed in eastern Ukraine, Russia. The plane reportedly went down near the border between Russia and Ukraine.

This Malaysian passenger airliner with 295 people on board crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border.280 passengers and 15 crew members were reportedly on board when the plane went down.

Official: Malaysian Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine



What are we the people saying about various topics? Well, that all depends on which poll you read.

ABC News Polling Unit
American National Election Studies (ANES)
American Research Group
Behind the Numbers
CBS News
Diageo/Hotline Poll
Fox News Poll



Once the infamous Islamic State terrorist known as Jihadi John was unmasked as the executor Mohammed Emwazi. journalists found a photo of him from his days at the University of Westminster in London.

Unfortunately, Emwazi was wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball hat. Their official response was "It is absolutely sickening to everyone within the Pirates organization, our great fans, to see this murderer wearing a Pirates cap in this old photo."

We'll take it one step further and add that he is not even worthy of cleaning the Pittsburgh Pirates, locker-rooms.



For all of humanity and especially Americans, September 11th was a day of somber reflection. We recalled with sorrow the thousands of lives that were needlessly taken by an act of unnecessary evil.

City Island Images recommits to donating to the 911 Memorial, as well as in supporting the families who carry the heaviest burden of grief. We also reaffirm our gratitude for all those brave First Responders, as well as US Armed Forces, who risk their own safety through service to others.

A dozen years later, our world still faces great challenges, yet it must be our duty to uphold our purpose with courage and confidence.

This country's liberties, our belief in the equality of humankind, and America's faith in the possibility of peace among peoples are aspirations we can share with all humans.

These values rise and fall on the strength of our own convictions. May we uphold in our own communities the virtues that define The United States of America and that remain an inspiration to the entire world.

City Island Images welcomes your feedback and offers a penny for your thoughts.

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Is the poem the only one in the Citizens' Soap Box? Where are the rest, if any?


Dear Lady standing by the sea
You are a welcome sight to see
I have left the walls and shores of tyranny
And now I gaze at thee
You stand so tall for all to see
Your burning torch lights up the night
So all can see your Crown of Liberty
We who have come from across the sea
Stand on crowded decks to gaze at thee
I know that if by chance you gaze at me
My only wish is to be free
Dear Lady standing by the sea.

By City Islander Jim Mullarkey
82nd Airborne Division