Dad's Weed Wacker


A Florida father decided to punish his son's weed smoking by selling the car he bought for him.

The online post is yielding him anonymous praises from the public who supports his tough love parenting proposition.

Dad put his foot down on his son's pot smoking joyriding by literally taking his keys away with the SUV out of the picture.

I have my sons truck up for sale that I bought for him as his first car, he thinks it's cool to drive around with his friends smokin dope and acting all thug and especially not showing me and my wife the respect that we deserve. This was a vehicle to finish school in, get a decent job and get a head start on life but chose to throw it all away because his friends would rather have an influence on him more than me! Now he can put those Jordans to use walk his ass off on these hot summer days! It has ice cold air and power everything! It's dirty as hell inside and out because he didn't respect it and take pride, seems to drive well but needs a few parts because it squeaks! I just put new tires on it that he never paid me for because dope was more important and driver seat doesn't come all the way up, I guess cause cops kept riding by! If you live on the WESTSIDE I'll take $250 off the price just so he sees it every now and then so it'll remind him of how good he had it! I have title in hand!



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