Devastating Humiliation


Rest assured there are no Republicans lighting cigars to celebrate. US House Speaker Paul Ryan met with the press to comment on GOP's failure of #Trumpcare: "We came really close today, but we came up short....We're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future..."

@potus @realdonaldtrump the so-called great negotiator has once again fallen flat on another one of his empty promises. The arts of another deal gone sour for the American president.

‘Anybody tired of all this winning?’: Twitter heaps scorn on Trump and GOP over #Trumpcare debacle

At Trump's request, House pulls healthcare bill amid crumbling support

Trump Blames Democrats as Major Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

"What's probably most troubling is that the worst is yet to come with Obamacare," House Speaker Paul Ryan says:

US stocks close lower as healthcare vote pulled

Paul Ryan: “We did everything we could to get consensus … We were close, but we did not have 216 people“



The right approach to health care is to sit down with experts — and yes, Democrats.


What's so good about this 1990 @VanityFair deep dive on Donald Trump is ... everything

Trump's the biggest loser

The Beatles were so ahead of their time that they sang about the biggest loser.

GOP Sucks wind

Trump's lost art of the deal is a GOP catastrophe.