Dreamers' Rude Awakening


The DREAM Act is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for alien minors inside the USA that would first grant conditional residency and upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.

Sleepless nights for dreamers may soon become a daily occurrence if the early riser inside The Whitehouse has his way as Dreamers of seeing their hopes dashed.

Trump may rescind ‘Dreamer’ immigration program as early as today http://cnb.cx/2ep4pKG

Tech industry fights Trump over DACA, DREAMer protection program https://usat.ly/2gmtHtd

Trump's expected repeal of Dreamer program draws fire from business http://reut.rs/2etvRKM

GOP lawmaker to force vote on bipartisan bill banning Trump from deporting "Dreamers": http://hill.cm/drzU6a6

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Meet Priscilla, a Texas teacher whose resilience and determination defines life in America for thousands of Dreamers. Congress has the power to protect Dreamers with the Dream Act—the time to act is now. #DefendREAMers Priscilla, an American Dreamer https://youtu.be/3nbMq8e9fWE

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announcement on End Of DACA Program from President Trump https://youtu.be/0B066IV_4SU


Deport Melnia

The USA must see #MELANIATRUMP's #immigration papers before @realdonaldTrump issues his edict on #DACA.

Lying Ryan

Paul Ryan says Trump shouldn't end DACA http://thebea.st/2gpwT7q