The Donald is going to visit his roots, but the locals are looking at this visit as more like a root canal. The Tripping Up Trump group is welcoming their native son of a few Golf Tees to Scotland with a Mexican flag propped up near his outer course.

Trump heads to Scotland on the heels of the most unforgiving weeks of his presidential bid: http://cnn.it/2919LIx

Steve Bell on Donald Trump's Scotland visit – cartoon http://gu.com/p/4mtqn/stw

Trump Scotland visit to dredge up controversies @CNNPolitics http://cnn.it/28PzJOi

Despite Campaign Woes, Donald Trump Flies to Scotland to Tend to Business Interests http://nyti.ms/28Oupdm

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To explain Trump's inexplicable trip to Scotland: http://ti.me/290C7lW

People in Scotland are not thrilled about Trump coming to their country. We know the feeling.

To explain Trump's inexplicable trip to Scotland: http://ti.me/290C7lW


He's a Chump

Donald Trump will do the opposite of everything he said he would or would not do. His word means nothing as many have now determined. Everyone in business gets involved in a lawsuit now and then. But 3500 lawsuits?

Trump in the dumps

Trump's support plunges in new poll http://washex.am/28WgOkt via @DCExaminer