An idea, a suggestion and a solution for Valentines... #SHOWUSLOVES
As Facebook gets bigger and richer, there a responsibility to share with users who are content providers?

Soon, Facebook may literally pay you to use Facebook. @jeffbercovici http://www.inc.com/jeff-bercovici/facebook-pay-users.html via @Inc

Facebook should pay its users for data. How much should Facebook pay users for their posts? | Didit –Articles - Social Media - Didit http://www.didit.com/how-much-should-facebook-pay-users-for-their-posts/

BEST Facebook & Instagram Videos February 2017 (Part 1) Funny Vines comp... https://youtu.be/e1jXjkKooiU via @YouTube

Is Facebook Security Paying People to Spy on You? http://www.snopes.com/facebook-paying-spies/


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