Headlines 9/3/11


LEE LOUISIANA STORM. New Orleans Heavy Rains.

PALIN GOES TO IOWA. Speaks At Tea Party Rally.


ALASKA PLANE CRASH. Mid Air Collision Death.

65K WITHOUT POWER. LI in The Dark.

Lenny Gold - From Gangster to Officer and Gentleman


Leonard Gold is a native New Yorker. Gold was born in Brooklyn, NY on July 21, 1919. When Lenny was nine years old he would sometimes sneak into local neighborhood junk yards while they were closed and steal hub caps, then he would re-sell these hub caps back to those junk yards. Eventually Lenny got busted for stealing these hubcaps. His dad called him a gangster and decided to move the entire family to The Bronx, where his dad felt was a good place to raise a gangster. He quickly lost all attraction to crime.