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Too many corporations think about marketing to the 55 million strong Latino Market during Hispanic Heritage month or try on Cinco de Mayo.

However, these companies have put their money where their mouth is for Latino market. We'd like to call them our top "Three Amigos" aka The Three Caballeros 1944
AT&T “Between Two Worlds”
AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds is the Hispanic movement in their expansive social media campaign #TheMobileMovement, which launched earlier this year. The company began the Hispanic operation in July 2014 as an opportunity to connect and engage bicultural Latinos, particularly digital-savvy millennials.
#BetweenTwoWorlds focuses on the lives of young acculturated Hispanics between their teens and mid-30s, who easily identify with both mainstream U.S. culture and their Latino background. Accompanying the #TheMobileMovement is a Tumblr page similarly featuring Spanglish posts. The two hashtags can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.!/All/

Dunkin Donuts “Dunkin' Latino”
As of June 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its Latino Twitter page, looking to cater to the company’s Spanish speakers. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts also claimed to be the first national coffee retailer to make its website, mobile, and Facebook platforms available in Spanish and English.
With the social media campaign launch, there was a brief sweepstakes. Fans could follow @DunkinLatino and use the hashtag #MiDunkinEsTuDunkin to enter a chance to win a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for themselves and a friend. The brand is now supporting their digital Hispanic movement with hashtags such as #MiDunkin and #DunkinLatino.

McDonald’s “Me Encanta”
Back in 2011, McDonald’s introduced its Spanish-language Twitter campaign. @MeEncanta is a Spanglish-based account used to interact with fans about promotional deals through music, sports and education.
McDonald’s Latino movement is currently engaging its online audience with its hashtag #MiMomento. The hashtag, however, has not seemed to catch on yet with many of the posts coming from unrelated tweets.

Green Card Eligible?


A young American boy has found himself caught in the middle of an immigration quagmire after a judge ruled the immigrant child, who was abandoned by his father ought to get a green card under a special status created by Congress in 1990.

However, US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement aka ICE officials, under the Trump administration, says no way, Jose.



It has now been three weeks since prisoners escaped from NY State penitentiary. Officials estimate there have been more than 1,000 members of law enforcement involved in the massive manhunt for the convicted murderers who escaped from a New York State prison three weeks ago.

At an estimated $1 million dollars a day, that is a lot of money, folks. NY state police is leading in the search, but other law enforcement agencies are involved in the effort, which includes US Marshals Service, FBI, the New York Department of Correction and local law enforcement.

Mañana in Habana


You may not realize the depth of this announcement, but the death of Fidel Castro is big news for Cubans living all over the world.

When a strongarmed and tight-fisted dictator like Castro dies, the future of the island is definitely uncertain.

Cuba was my birthplace as well as for generations of The Soto family. My home for the first years of my life will literally and figuratively be "Mi Casa es Su Casa" My home is your home for. And all my friends, neighbors, and followers on social media who have been kind and supportive to me, please know that I will never forget.

Cuba si!



My late dad AJ Soto, II was a good man and a human being of great integrity. He once had money and left it behind fleeing from the Cuban revolution. He instead chose to leave the communist island to save his family and forgo riches by serving as a social worker when our family came to the USA. My mother and father became Bing Crosby fans because of the following song. The message is to appreciate unexpected benefits, which I remember hearing again and again that famous phrase, "everything happens for a reason." Believe it or not, I just found a heads up penny.

Empathy vs Ego


We all have an ego, but size differ. We got it in primary school when kids were jerks or perhaps earlier if our older siblings, or other family members were jerks first. The ego kept us safe from the emotional slings and arrows. But now that we're grown, it is a wall that separates. It's time for it to come down. By practicing openness instead of defensiveness, forgiveness instead of vengeance, apology instead of blame, vulnerability instead of strength, and grace instead of power.

We Don't Need No Stinking... Missiles


We Don't Need No Stinking... Missiles. The people of Syria need meals, mercy.

What was the real reason that America attacked Syria? President Donald Trump ordered his first major military action and it was full of show and tell.

Do you know why it's called the military theater? In warfare, a theater is an area or place in which important military events occur or are progressing. A theater can include the entirety of the airspace, land and sea area that is or that may potentially become involved in larger war operations.

Register to avoid political disaster


Federal, state and local public servants have joined political inaction committees, which are wasting our tax dollars and courting political disaster.

Voter registration is the responsibility of all the citizens of The United State of America, but only 70 percent of those who are eligible to vote have been registered. is committed to reaching the remaining 30 percent. They simplify the voter registration process, making it faster and easier for US citizens to get involved and become an active voice in the democratic system..

The Real Deal


This is not reality TV, nor the art of any money making deal. It's real serious and our nation depends on it.

How can we the people of The United States of America allow members from the lunatic fringe to ruin our future?

The State Of The Polls, 2016

Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee via @usatoday

Clinton to America: What If Twitter Were the Situation Room via @WIRED

Is This Leadership?


What happens to a leader who thinks he's the #1 Boss and CEO of US but in reality works for and was elected to represent all 333 million people of The United State of America? How past U.S. presidents have addressed racism and bigotry

Eight months into office, why has Trump yet to appoint key agency watchdogs? Is he really a stranger in a strange land, or is he carrying out a plot?

How can anything get accomplished by destroying laws, eliminating safeguards and attacking political party leadership on all sides of the isle? Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes 'Toxic!': Trump hits back at GOP senators after criticism Trump lashes out at Republicans, as the GOP tries to distance themselves from him

Will more people be killed or injured before we the people wake up and take notice? Virginia governor: Charlottesville was about hatred, not a statue

Is there a sinister plan to destroy democracy in America as we know it? How close is this great nation to being shattered, or crumble? We must uphold the notion that all men are created equal. Fascism is not our future it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so but this is surely the way fascism can begin:



World wars have started with acts of violence and irreversible military operations that lack strategic guidance, or clarity of purpose... Déjà vu?

Vlad and Yuri: How Putin is applying the lessons of Afghanistan to Syria via @AlMonitor

U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world's most fearsome militaries via @MilitaryTimes

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