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Too many corporations think about marketing to the 55 million strong Latino Market during Hispanic Heritage month or try on Cinco de Mayo.

However, these companies have put their money where their mouth is for Latino market. We'd like to call them our top "Three Amigos" aka The Three Caballeros 1944
AT&T “Between Two Worlds”
AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds is the Hispanic movement in their expansive social media campaign #TheMobileMovement, which launched earlier this year. The company began the Hispanic operation in July 2014 as an opportunity to connect and engage bicultural Latinos, particularly digital-savvy millennials.
#BetweenTwoWorlds focuses on the lives of young acculturated Hispanics between their teens and mid-30s, who easily identify with both mainstream U.S. culture and their Latino background. Accompanying the #TheMobileMovement is a Tumblr page similarly featuring Spanglish posts. The two hashtags can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.!/All/

Dunkin Donuts “Dunkin' Latino”
As of June 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its Latino Twitter page, looking to cater to the company’s Spanish speakers. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts also claimed to be the first national coffee retailer to make its website, mobile, and Facebook platforms available in Spanish and English.
With the social media campaign launch, there was a brief sweepstakes. Fans could follow @DunkinLatino and use the hashtag #MiDunkinEsTuDunkin to enter a chance to win a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for themselves and a friend. The brand is now supporting their digital Hispanic movement with hashtags such as #MiDunkin and #DunkinLatino.

McDonald’s “Me Encanta”
Back in 2011, McDonald’s introduced its Spanish-language Twitter campaign. @MeEncanta is a Spanglish-based account used to interact with fans about promotional deals through music, sports and education.
McDonald’s Latino movement is currently engaging its online audience with its hashtag #MiMomento. The hashtag, however, has not seemed to catch on yet with many of the posts coming from unrelated tweets.

Wall of Words


President Trump has sparked a war of words over his signed executive orders mandating the construction of the wall and a mandate for internal immigration enforcement while punishing sanctuary cities.

The Mexican president has officially rebuffed president Trump over his border wall executive order and in an increasing wall of words over his insistence on a billion dollar boondoggle, President Trump is vowing to also crack down on hundreds of US cities which protect undocumented immigrants.

Cyber Theft Protection


This is expected to become Cyber Week as shoppers are extending the retail frenzy to include Thanksgiving week, but beware of identity thieves who are gearing up for their busy holiday season.

The following are some of the best ways to protect yourself from Better Business Bureau.

Lots of websites pop up around this time of year, offering deals you won’t find in the stores. The BBB suggests looking into the website to make sure you’re not falling into a scam. Some things to look out for:

Do they have a phone number and a physical address?

The Right to Remain Silent


This was never meant for members of Congress, who are no longer doing their jobs. More about that later.

It is designed to offer equal justice under the law. As US celebrates the 50th anniversary on June 13, it’s easy to forget the origin and purpose.

Miranda was the culmination of 30 years of Supreme Court cases that were designed to protect criminal suspects from abuse in police interrogations. The earliest of these decisions prohibited violence and torture.

Journalism * Journalisten


JOURNALISTEN: We heard you loud and clear and are now directing you to verifiable media sources that don't rely on superficial and fantasy content.
These are today's significant issues that are being discussed and investigated: DOSE OF NEWS *

What is being done for sick people, animals and plants over the world?

International immigration and the way to manage it.

Global warming and its long range effects.



Boss’s Day is observed on October 16, or the nearest working day, which is today. I can safely say speaking from experience that if you have a boss, you're better off with a woman as your superior.

The day goes a long way to improving the relationship between employees and supervisors. Also, there's nothing more miserable than celebrating someone that you don’t like. And then there is the pressure if a collection being taken to get the boss a gift. If you don’t contribute, you're not a team player.

GOP Debate Losers


Following the latest disgusting debate, it is clear to all decent flag waiving folks that nobody won and there was no shortage of losers. Too many lies and no substance in most cases.

AP FACT CHECK: Claims from the GOP debate

CNN's Reality Check Team inspects the claims at Republican debate @CNNPolitics

Racial Bias Blow


The US Supreme Court has dealt a legal pushback and a big blow to racial bias in criminal cases, making it easier to unwind all convictions of defendants whose jurors show personal prejudices during their deliberations.

Justice Anthony Kennedy joined the court’s four liberal members in limiting the scope of Colorado’s “no impeachment rule,” which is designed to protect the finality of verdicts and the secrecy of deliberations.



She was the daughter of King Thutmose I, Hatshepsut ultimately became Queen of Egypt when she married her half-brother, Thutmose II, at 12 years of age. Upon his death, she began acting as regent for her stepson, the infant Thutmose III, but later took on the full powers of a pharaoh, becoming co-ruler of Egypt around 1473 B.C.

Hatshepsut was only the third woman to become pharaoh in 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian history, and the first one with full power of the position. Cleopatra, who also exercised such power, would rule some 14 centuries later.



#ChasingCleveland makes sure you take the time to read the US Constitution and keep it handy next to your Bible because you're going to need them if fat cats like Christie gain any more political power and influence.

The poor people of New Jersey are already seeing it up close and personal. And if Trump gets elected, poor US.

Chris Christie Made a Case Against Hillary Clinton. We Fact-Checked.

Holiday Greetings



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