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Too many corporations think about marketing to the 55 million strong Latino Market during Hispanic Heritage month or try on Cinco de Mayo.

However, these companies have put their money where their mouth is for Latino market. We'd like to call them our top "Three Amigos" aka The Three Caballeros 1944
AT&T “Between Two Worlds”
AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds is the Hispanic movement in their expansive social media campaign #TheMobileMovement, which launched earlier this year. The company began the Hispanic operation in July 2014 as an opportunity to connect and engage bicultural Latinos, particularly digital-savvy millennials.
#BetweenTwoWorlds focuses on the lives of young acculturated Hispanics between their teens and mid-30s, who easily identify with both mainstream U.S. culture and their Latino background. Accompanying the #TheMobileMovement is a Tumblr page similarly featuring Spanglish posts. The two hashtags can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.!/All/

Dunkin Donuts “Dunkin' Latino”
As of June 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its Latino Twitter page, looking to cater to the company’s Spanish speakers. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts also claimed to be the first national coffee retailer to make its website, mobile, and Facebook platforms available in Spanish and English.
With the social media campaign launch, there was a brief sweepstakes. Fans could follow @DunkinLatino and use the hashtag #MiDunkinEsTuDunkin to enter a chance to win a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for themselves and a friend. The brand is now supporting their digital Hispanic movement with hashtags such as #MiDunkin and #DunkinLatino.

McDonald’s “Me Encanta”
Back in 2011, McDonald’s introduced its Spanish-language Twitter campaign. @MeEncanta is a Spanglish-based account used to interact with fans about promotional deals through music, sports and education.
McDonald’s Latino movement is currently engaging its online audience with its hashtag #MiMomento. The hashtag, however, has not seemed to catch on yet with many of the posts coming from unrelated tweets.



During the third and finally last debate, when the topic turned to immigration, Trump repeated his calls to deport undocumented immigrants, continued his divisive stereotypes, and concluded by saying, “we’ve got some bad hombres here.” He is the one who is not only a bad hombre but a bad padre and MALO for America. (Make America Lose Again) The Americas have seen more than its share of dictators and Americans must reject this threat.

Saturday's SAT


Get ready, get set, pick up your pencils. Meet the New SAT. Not the same as the old one. Bid adieu to abstruse SAT vocabulary words of wisdom.

The College Board has launched a revamped SAT test today, with promises to strengthen the test’s predictive validity and more closely reflect the skills that college students really need.

Here are a few of the changes:

They're back to a top score of 1600, there's no penalty for wrong answers and you get more time for each section.

While many of the updates may actually make sense, others have left experts scratching their heads.

Barack Obama's ACA


There are many groups and individuals who track the judicial and legislative branches of government, which has established themselves as reliable advocates for Americans.
To learn whether it's going to be repeal and replace, or rebrand and rework?



When Ellis Island opened back in 1892 as a US immigration center, millions of newly arrived immigrants passed through the station during that time. It is said that 40 percent of all current U.S. citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island.

Arrivals from European countries totaled 484,000 in 1910 alone. Then non-Europeans from Syria, Turkey and Armenia. The reasons they left their homes in the Old World included war, drought, famine and religious persecution, and these new Americans had hopes for greater opportunity in the New World.

#ChasingPhilly The Democrats


The Democrats begin their week-long unconventional National Convention in the City of Brotherly Love with much controversy. Their National Chair resigned before the event got started.

How will leadership changes affect the DNC? via @NewsHour

5 Things to Watch for on the First Day of the Democratic National Convention - ABC News -

Journalisten and Research


Unless an individual engages an interview without notice, there is a need for research with good background and knowledge.

Learning what you can about the person, or topics will help to put you on the correct footing.

What style do they like to adopt in interviews? And what has been said on these subjects before?

We need factual information when we are trying to hold someone in authority to account and to challenge them on their assertions, to get them to explain clearly what they are talking about and to support any case they want to put to forth.



Will history be recorded by this updated BC term and will AD now mean after The Donald?

There's a huge difference between the greater good and your own individual aggrandizements. Actions speak louder than words. This expression reportedly dates back to 1628 and was first used in 1856 by Abraham Lincoln in US.

Politicians say things and make promises they have no intention of keeping. They say Make America Great many times, but until their behavior coincides with that, no one will believe it.

Washed Away?


Our Coast, Our Future is a collaborative, user-driven project focused on providing coastal California resource and land use managers and planners locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms.

The group has mapped what a rise in sea levels would do to the Bay area and it appears the locations of several of the world’s largest and most popular tech companies will wind up underwater because they have been built way too close to the coast.



Our range of motion how far we can move a joint in various directions is determined by many things, starting with the inner workings of the joints involved. Also important is the amount of tension in the muscles surrounding the joint, which can be affected by scarring or our habitual posture (passive factors), or by involuntary muscle spasms or purposeful muscle contractions (active factors).

Stretching exercises can help extend our range of motion. To understand how, it helps to know what joints, tendons, and ligaments do:



Her face is one of the most recognizable in the world and many recognize the "Angel of Mercy" image while never realizing what she was doing was good for so many people and is still revered by millions today. She has been called saint of the gutters and The Pope, as bishop of the slums.

My late father, who died around the same time as Mother Teresa did 19 years ago used to say he admired three women during his lifetime. His mom, Maria Teresa, my mom Margarita and Mother Teresa. Although these three special ladies have passed, they will never be forgotten.