Following his lackluster legislative lap, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he finished one of the most successful sessions in modern history. Seriously? Who is he kidding? New Yorkers prefer honesty over political sugar coating BS.

According to published reports, NY Legislators should have been reforming the dirty political activities, which brought about the convictions of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and former Senate leader Dean Skelos.
The following is what NYC newspapers have reported about our illustrious leader.

Cuomo’s Start-Up Program, Meant to ‘Supercharge’ Economy, Has Created 408 Jobs http://nyti.ms/29cnIWW

Bernie fans sue to block Cuomo from repping NY at convention http://nyp.st/297aZQI

Sanders backers want to invalidate Cuomo as NY DNC chair http://nydn.us/29c2t7H


Do not forget...

Three Men Charged in Killing of Cuomo Administration Lawyer http://nyti.ms/298HgZX