President Mike Bloomberg?


Billionaire and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering an independent party run for President. This a rare photo we took together at Gracie Mansion during the annual press holiday party.

Report: Bloomberg drawing up plans for presidential run | AP Photo

BREAKING: Michael Bloomberg considering a third-party run for President

Report: Former NYC mayor Bloomberg considering presidential run

Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run

Billionaire ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg considering jumping into presidential race

Michael Bloomberg Is Reportedly Planning a Serious Third-Party Run This Year

Photo: NYC Press Office


Independent Campaigns

How Michael Bloomberg’s rumored presidential run compares with past independent campaigns …


Bloomberg trial balloon has Republicans laughing

Walk Away Bloomie

Bloomberg Presidential Run May Be Just What His Company Needs Most via @Variety

Latest Report

NYC's Michael Bloomberg tells aides to draw up plans for presidential run

President Bloomberg

Mike is richer, smarter, has more political experience, as well as media expertise than anyone else running.