"Saturday Night Live": 40 Years on NBC


As part of the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live," I have many wonderful memories of riding the elevator with the likes of the late Gilda Ratner and John Bellucci, and having Bill Murray ask me to let him borrow my NYPD Press Credentials, while I worked as a news writer, editor and producer at NBC.

I recall watching "SNL" over the years, sitting in on Thursday rehearsals, during my lunch hour, attending the actual program in studio 8H and of-course, staying up late to watch the live program.

The one particular skit which stands out in my mind featured Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo because by coincidence, I appeared in this live newsroom segment. Pay close attention to the right hand top corner of the screen to see me surprised inside the News4NewYork newsroom. This skit appeared as a spoof, following the tragic incident, when President Ronald Reagan was shot on 3/30/81 (ABC-TV'S "NIGHTLINE")

BUCKWHEAT IS DEAD: http://youtu.be/fuLdNto8z_w via @YouTube

Buckwheat Shot Part 2: http://youtu.be/M6YjTNZ6eSw via @YouTube

PRESIDENT REAGAN HAS BEEN SHOT (ABC-TV'S "NIGHTLINE")(MARCH 30, 1981): http://youtu.be/Qs_zHxy7_cg via @YouTube

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I saw your post on Cimages.me about SNL memories. I work for NBCOTS, working on visual projects for the 11 local station’s websites. We are putting together a few things for the SNL 40th anniversary. I’d love to talk more about your experiences and memories watching rehearsals, and the skit you appeared in.

Are you free to talk tomorrow sometime?


Jessica Glazer
Multimedia Producer