Trump's Huge Slump?


Can The Donald's growing slump compete with Hillary's double-digit bump? The democrats are on the attack and Trump will push back. Hang on for the next bumpy three months.

Trump supporters are already "unskewing" his bad poll numbers, by @ed_kilgore:

Trump’s Frankenstein economics

Add Sen. Susan Collins of Maine to the list of Republicans who won’t be voting for Trump

Hillary Clinton is dominating Olympic TV advertising via @TIMEPolitics

Mitch McConnell Has a Supreme Court Dilemma via @nbcnews

Campaign taps Latin Americans to encourage family members in the U.S. to vote


GOP Wants Trump 2 Go Away

Never-Trump Republicans Plot Next Step for New GOP Nominee via @theblaze


Melania Knauss: From Communist to First Lady? via @MailOnline


All people who agree with this idiot are making racist, treasonous, monstrous statements, and they are the enemies of America.

Where are the white power people?

Donald Trump has appealed to whites with less education. His problem: There aren't enough of them.


With 90 days left until the most im[portant election in a modern democracy, there are some stupid hillbilly redneck holdouts that are not intelligent enough to understand what a Russian clown looks like. WFT?


Yeah calling people ignorant hillbillies really dehumanizes people. Try to take the high road.

Wow that's offensive.

I cant believe how offensive that is! By "hillbilly" and "redneck" it's obvious you are referring to people from rural areas. So people who work in the sun, farming, and get red necks are unintelligent morons? Your classism is horribly ignorant and breeds hate among fellow Americans! Its people like you who add to divisive ideals and put us in the situation we are in as a country. And this is from a person who was born and raised in Manhattan.