Trumps of Lawlessness


What trumps lawlessness and who has managed to do more to break the rule of law, while drifting away from the long held norms established by a grand old party? Is the party of Lincoln slowly drifting towards lawlessness and away from their so called leader in The Whitehouse?

As some folks are being unfairly treated, while others are swept up as criminals there is a growing hysteria over immigrants, which is affecting a nation of immigrants.

While Trump praises law and order, his tough-on-crime rhetoric describes a lawless order, @GrahamDavidA writes:

International Association of Chiefs of Police issues statement on the use of force following Trump's speech to law enforcement officers.

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Treating suspects humanely will make them act more like humans and our laws say innocent until proven guilty. Also, if sex can sell peace, do we know anyone who can do the job? The young people shooting one another in large metropolitan areas seem to pay attention when reminded that the outcome of violence is sudden death or a long, miserable life of disability and impotence. Some say scare tactics are no substitute for the lure of job opportunities, mentoring and health services.

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A famous President who coined phrases... The buck stops here... If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. He was saying don't take on a job if you are unwilling to face its pressures. These were favorites of President Harry S. Truman.
Our current leader is more like Deputy Dawg who may not be able to stand the heat and may get out of the kitchen. -

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