Turn On Your Love Lights


Just tell them how you feel: many women like is a determined man. Everyday is valentines day.

Make her laugh: Be funny, the majority of people we like to be with are happy, she will get the message and you will enjoy it.

Be seductive: there is nothing more powerful to conquer a woman than seduction, learn all the clues of seduction, use anything to send all kinds of signals and then act. Sometimes we get to search by all sides as falling in love with a woman and the answer has always been inside ourselves.

Be creative: Invite them to dinner when they don't expect it, bring a gift, nothing expensive if not somewhat representative, that create emotional ties.

Be daring: Serenade or anything else that comes to mind.

Don't forget the romanticism take her hand from time to time, kiss her passionately, that she feels how much you want it, do not take anything for granted since it is the worst thing you could do.