USA Constitutional Crisis?


Long-standing news rules require that journalists wait for two separate sources, but Reuters and CNN are now reporting that charges have been approved in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.

These reports state that first charges have been filed in the Russia probe with arrests expected, but it is not yet known who is charged?

First charges filed in Mueller investigation @CNNPolitics

U.S. judge extends deadline for bank records of firm behind Trump dossier

The question which begs to be asked is will Americans see another Saturday Night Massacre?
This refers to US President Richard Nixon's orders to fire independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, which led to the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Nixon to step down.

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The likely targets of special counsel Robert Mueller's charges

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Trump allies lash out at media, Mueller after news of charges in Russia probe:

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NBC News confirms: First indictment from Mueller to be served on Monday


Reporting roll continues. Besides CNN, Reuters, NBC, CBS, and WSJ.