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CITY ISLAND IMAGES wishes to congratulate all who participated at Orchard Beach's Down & Dirty.

The Merrell Down & Dirty presented by Subaru returned to New York City yesterday. This benefit race in the mud included a partnership with Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and on Naval ships at sea! and much more!

It was an amazing race day in Pelham Bay Park! The 2013 results are in! Click here to view your race:


This Week in History


This Week in History, Aug 5 - Aug 11

Aug 05, 2002
Divers recover U.S.S. Monitor turret. The rusty iron gun turret of the U.S.S. Monitor broke from the water and into the daylight for the first time in 140 years. The ironclad warship was raised from the floor of the Atlantic, where it had rested since it went down in a storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, during the Civil War. Divers had been working for six weeks to bring it to the surface.

Aug 06, 1945



Easter Sunday Sunrise Service was attended by a few dozen on City Island this morning.

The group celebrated the day the Jesus returned, the greatest day on earth, the day the stone was overturned and the sign of man's rebirth.

This is the day Jesus left the tomb and the the angels hailed, the day that Mary's tears, were dried, while singing Jesus alive!

The lowest crime rate in NYC?


NYC councilman Jimmy Vacca (D-Bronx) says the 45th Precinct has the lowest crime rate in the Bronx and possiblu in the entire city.

During an exclusive interview with City Island Images, Vacca said “NYPD's 45th Precinct is leading the way in New York City, and I give much of that credit to Captain Russel Green. He’s involved in every quality of life problem we have. He is hands on and extremely involved in the day-to-day work.”

Green is being lauded by community leaders for a notable reduction in complaints in the Four-Five, which he took over in August, 2010.

Headlines 8/18/11


CORNERING KHADAFY. Rebels Surround Tripoli.

OBAMA BUS TOUR. White Neighborhoods?

PRESIDENT VACATIONS. Economic Hardships Continue.

US & CHINA. High Level Talks. VP Biden Visits PRC.

BERT REYNOLDS. Florida Foreclosure.



The National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia won for its contributions to the first and most successful Arab Spring movement.

9/10/12 News & Information Service 24/7


TEACHERS GO ON STRIKE. Chicago First In 25 Years.
After contract talks with the school district failed over compensation, health benefits and teacher evaluations, educators walked.

LEAVING ON A FED PLANE. US Ends Costly Arizona Program.
The idea to give illegals a one-way plane tickets home to Mexico after being caught entering this country illegally was an expensive experiment that cost US taxpayers about $100 million over seven years.

ALARMING ACTIONS BY AFGHAN ARMY. Watchdog Suspects Fuel Funneling.

RIP Morley Safer


Another 60 Minutes Man has died. 84-year-old Morley Safer, who was a TV news icon and a pillar of broadcast journalism as a member of CBS' 60 Minutes team for almost five decades.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at The Museum of Broadcasting years ago while serving as NY Bureau Chief at The Associated Press. He was funny, charming and had an eye for classic beauty. May he rest is peace.

Morley Safer, Longtime '60 Minutes' Correspondent, Dies http://n.pr/2531YjG



As a former intern for The Washington Post, I can honestly say that it was the best first journalism work experience I could have expected, or wanted.

Therefore, as long as an unpaid internship benefits both parties and is entered into freely, are these arrangements legal, or illegal?

A former student who interned with a large publishing organization recently filed a law suit claiming that an unpaid internship was illegal citing declining opportunities for a paying job.



Super-storm Sandy has wreaked havoc on City Island, where a fire brought out over 100 firefighters to fight flames, while dealing with strong winds and heavy rain at a popular waterside restaurant. Fire destroyed Tony's Pier Restaurant.

FDNY reports that it took four hours to contain the three-alarm blaze because of Sandy's severe weather. Downed trees and branches also blocked firefighters' path to the island. No injuries were immediately reported.



Stock futures are lower ahead of an expected report that will show how much Americans are feeling squeezed by rising gasoline prices.

The price for a gallon of gas has gone up 17 cents this month, which is ahead of the traditional start of the driving season beginning over the Memorial Day weekend.

Following an informal survey of our area, City Island Images has seen gasoline prices ranging from $3.92 per gallon to $ 4.69 per gallon.

These gasoline prices are a dime away from surpassing last year’s peak. Most experts believe they will keep rising.