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CITY ISLAND IMAGES wishes to congratulate all who participated at Orchard Beach's Down & Dirty.

The Merrell Down & Dirty presented by Subaru returned to New York City yesterday. This benefit race in the mud included a partnership with Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and on Naval ships at sea! and much more!

It was an amazing race day in Pelham Bay Park! The 2013 results are in! Click here to view your race:




In Texas, Lubbock County Judge Tom Head, "....if President Obama is reelected. He's going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN, and what is going to happen when that happens?,” Head asked. “I'm thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we're not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we're talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy."

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US House and Senate Doctor


The doctor is making official House calls and also the US Senate. Senators narrowly confirmed President Obama's Surgeon General, who is a Harvard Medical School staffer after fierce opposition from NRA and gun-rights advocates in Congress.

The 36-year-old co-founded Doctors for America in May 2009, just as the fight over the Affordable Care Act was gearing up. The country's main doctor trade group, the American Medical Association, remained neutral on the Affordable Care Act. In founding Doctors for America, Dr. V Murthy entered the spotlight when he supported Obamacare.



Republican Governor Mitt Romney? Democrat President Barack Obama? Believe it or not, it appears that the winner of the first presidential debate may have been Twitter.

According to statistics release by Twitter, it's users sent a record 10.3 million tweets, which represents a new milestone in the revolution of how Americans take part in the political process.

With their iPads and smart phones, millions of people virtually joined the candidates on that Denver debate stage, analyzing every word in real time Twitter.



UNICEF appealed today for $1.28 billion to provide humanitarian assistance to children in over 25 countries this year, with nearly one-third of this amount earmarked for the crisis in Africa.

“We have achieved many positive results in emergency settings in 2011 but the urgent and long-term needs of millions of children and their families will continue in 2012,” said Rima Salah, UNICEF’s acting Deputy Executive Director.



Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man died after suffering a spine injury during police custody. There apparently have been no clear reason for his arrest, and still no specific answers about what exactly happened to him.

Yesterday State Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged six cops with crimes including second-degree murder, manslaughter and assault. No only could Gray have been taken for an unnecessary rough ride, but "No crime had been committed by Mr. Gray," she added these officers "illegally arrested Mr. Gray."

Budgets for FY2013 Under Scrutiny


As the federal transportation bill stalls in Washington, leaving funds for mass transit in the balance, Chairman James Vacca and members of the Council Transportation Committee will hold a series of hearings on the Mayor’s Fiscal 2013 Budgets for transportation and transit funding in NYC.

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JUDICIARY BATTLE. Egyptian Judges Fight Morsi.
Egypt's constitutional court is set to hear challenges to president Morsi’s assertion of near-absolute power.

HAMAS RISING. Pronounced New Profile.
In the West Bank as well as Gaza, many say Hamas defeated Israel — and with weapons, not words.

KING RICHARD III. Has UK Found Lost Monarch?
His loyal supporters and fierce critics await DNA testing of bones unearthed from a drab parking lot 90 miles northwest of London.

NEW CIA. Next Chief Faces Difficult Choices.

Brat: El Niño


Winter has not even started and the East coast of US is expecting this season’s first big cold snap will dive in this weekend, bringing sub-freezing overnight lows, lake effect snow and an increased chance of waterspouts by Sunday, with temperatures running a chilly 20 degrees below average in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

NOAA released its long-range temperature and precipitation outlook for this winter and we’re on track for a strange season.

Happy Friday


Yes, if you woke up this morning without having to go anywhere in a hurry, but if you have to commute to school, or to work - This may be a task you may wish to consider taking some extra time accomplishing.

Messy, wet, slushy and a cold commute is in store for you if you live anywhere in the New England and NYC metropolitan area.

A very wet snow is causing slippery road conditions for the commute this morning.

Several inches of snow have already fallen on eastern Long Island and Westchester and Rockland counties, with some schools delaying start times by one to two hours.

The Act of Finger Flipping


Have you ever flipped the bird to someone else? Did it get you in trouble, or did it make you feel better?

Rude behavior can take on many forms, which also includes flipping the bird. Some would say that most everyone has at least once done it, or thought about expressing themselves in this fashion.

We recommend you think first before over reacting. Mind your manners and try to be extra polite. Some say it makes them feel comfortable and allows them to blow off steam.