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Earth Day


Mother Earth wants to know why she's so drained and when she'll start winning. Welcome to the 49th annual celebration of Earth Day about ways to take care of the planet.

In NYC In For the third year running, the DOT closes Broadway to vehicular traffic the day before Earth Day, in an effort to bring awareness to the fact that a car-free New York City isn’t as scary as some automobile addicts would think. Automobiles banned from a two-mile stretch—from Union Square to Times Square from 9A - 3P

Viacommunity Day


Many thousands of Viacom employees took a break from their daily responsibilities to make a difference in communities around the world as Viacommunity Day 2018 celebrated in its 22nd year.

With employees in 25 countries participating, it was underscored by this year’s theme of All Good All Around.

Viacommunity Day saw employees take part in a wide variety of charitable activities, from educating young people and providing professional legal guidance to beautifying public spaces and assisting those in need, among other acts of giving. Viacom organized more than 125 projects worldwide.

DNC Sues Trump


The Democrats have filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Russia perpetrated a brazen attack on American democracy during the 2016 election, and found a willing partner in the Trump campaign.

The lawsuit says a major part of Russia's attack on American democracy was the cyber attack on the DNC and theft of the DNC's proprietary information. This stolen information was then released to the public by Russian agents and WikiLeaks to damage the Democratic Party and influence the 2016 election.

Cannabis Day


Is Boehner a stoner? Has Mitch begun to pitch? From politicians to artists like Louis Armstrong and Lady Gaga, musicians love their weed, claiming pot can help with creativity, aid relaxation, even for mind expansion.

As it goes mainstream, people are rethinking Marijuana because it’s racist, and instead, saying cannabis.

Individuals should say what they like, but this rule is too simplistic for such a complex drug. We should develop more, not fewer, words for what we need to say. Why there are so many different names for weed

Lifetime Achievement Award


Dear friends and colleagues, I am humbled to be nominated for a prestigious lifetime achievement award. This is presented for cumulative career accomplishments in communications, journalism, and education.

If you are one of the many people whom I have had the honor and distinct pleasure of working with and calling Friend, Amigo or Péngyǒu and you wish to write a personal recommendation, please do so on LinkedIn -

Fake News


Fake news undermines serious media coverage and makes it more difficult for journalists to cover significant news stories. The research finds the top 20 fake news stories on the 2016 presidential elections received more engagement on Facebook than the top 20 news stories on the election from 19 major media outlets. Anonymously-hosted fake news websites lacking known publishers have also been criticized because they make it difficult to prosecute sources of fake news for libel.

RIP Barbara Bush


Known as the enforcer, she was a frank and unpretentious First Lady. Forner First Lady Barbara Bush has died at age 92. The Bush family matriarch cared little for fancy clothes or glamour, but her forthright attitudes endeared her to the American people. She was born on June 8, 1925, at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital in Queens and lived for years in Rye, New York. Mrs. Bush died tonight,t April 17, 2018.

SW Mid Air Death


A woman who was partially pulled out of Southwest Airlines plane after engine breaks cabin window had died.
Passengers and crewmembers from a Boeing 737-700 with 143 plus five crew members experienced a horrific flight while on board.

Meaansile, SW Airlines Chief Executive claims he was not aware of any prior issues with the aircraft nor with the engines, and added that the last day of aircraft inspection was on April 15.

Unimpeachable Integrity


The staff from NY's US Attorneys Office is of such a high standard of honesty and moral goodness that it cannot be doubted or criticized. Judge Wood: Motion Denied - It's going to get ugly folks.

Thus began what may turn out to be the beginning of the end, because according to the rule of law, they are above suspicion; impossible to discredit; with impeccable motives. Wait for the Twitter angry attacks.

Judge rejects Trump's bid to block access to Cohen materials seized during FBI raid

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