Please Be Cool


As we approach Summer, it is worth remembering that many of us may become hot and irritated, but please do not let it get to you.

Do nothing Congress has kept their reputation intact as it controls the actions or better yet, government inaction.
The US Supreme Court is going on summer vacation at the end of the month. And so are many hard working Americans.

This Summer, keep cool & avoid getting dehydrated by drinking plenty of water. #sunsafety Only hours left before the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. #Summertime

HappY PoP DaY


CITY IMAGES wants everyone to enjoy Happy DaD's Day with a Fathers and Sons PHOTO GALLERY

By listening to all these songs

Father’s Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Everything you need to know ahead of Father's Day 2017

Fathers Day Feelings


When I called my Godfather to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, our conversation included my dear dad, Antonio who was Osvaldo's older brother. My thoughts and feelings bout here and now and also turned to days passed.

Fathers Day Weekend


Natasha, Sabrina, and Yiliang... Of all the eclectic experiences I have had and the accomplishments I have enjoyed throughout my life I am most proud to be your DaD. Furthermore, to have Elena, Chloe, Sophia, Parker, and Olivia call me GB or Grandpa BoB is my sweet daily loaf of bread.

You may be geographically far away, relaxing with your spouses and kids, or busy at work, but please know that you are always and forever on my mind and in my heart. Meanwhile, I plan to celebrate Father Day weekend at NYC's Pell Mansion during Bats Brats And Beer beginning on Saturday, June 17, 1–3P

Predisent Donald OJ Trump?


All the Predisent’s Men

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating whether Trump tried to Obstruct Justice by firing the former FBI director last month, placing the Trump administration in a legally perilous situation less than six months into office. Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say

Democrats Win


A day after top GOP leader was shot at a Republican congressional baseball practice by a gunman who appeared to have targeted members of Congress. Tonight, the game was played and streamed live right here.

'Violence begins with words': CBS news anchor blames baseball field attack on 'violent rhetoric'

Democrats win annual baseball game one day after shooting - ABC News -

Democrats won the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game vs. the GOP 11-2, in a tradition that took on renewed meaning

Blame Games


The increasing amount of violence has ignited a new push by gun control advocates to revisit gun control legislation. Some say the Republican-led Congress needs to stop blocking such reforms. Others blame it on Democrats.

US lawmakers haven't approved a major new gun law since 1994, and allowed a ban on certain semiautomatic rifles known as assault weapons expire back in 2004.

Faced with intense NRA lobbying, and fearful of a backlash from gun-owning voters, Congress has stopped trying to pass new laws. Gun violence has taken too many lives and cost US billions.

Fathers Day Countdown


When my MoM, DaD, two older brothers and I came to America, we enjoyed watching a new TV show called MY THREE SONS. I identified with this comedy on many levels. We were three boys and very close to our parents.

Those were the good old days and while enjoying these episodes I always wondered if I would have three children and would they turn out healthy, wealthy, and with a special emphasis on wise. As it turns that the answer is most certainly... Yes, sireeee Bob, seguro que si, 确实是的.

Forgetting Sessions


I know that some folks forget, aren't really present, or at least paying attention during important sessions, so I was wondering how the Congress deals with it while this elected body represents We the People of The United States of America.

Case in point, former US Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to defend himself and the firing of Comey, by saying he did not recall and thereby remaining mum on most everything else, unlike his boss who often says something different

US Congressman Shot


Public safety authorities are investigating a shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia where multiple people have been reported shot. a gunman with long weapon emerged from behind the dugout, and opened fire at a planned baseball practice.

The members of Congress were preparing for an upcoming charity game, when a shooter began firing his rifle.
It appears at least five people have been wounded at a congressional gathering.

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