A Tangled Web


O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! I know, there is a typo here and the phrase can be considered grammatically incorrect, but it was penned this way by Walter Scott - Author of Ivanhoe.

When anyone tries to deceive another, by lying or making up stories, they will make a mess of the deception. Once you tell a lie, then you will have to make up more lies to support the first lie, and then, even more, lies to support the other lies, and in the end, you have a messy situation.

Stop the Presses


Anybody who tells you they know what the news business will look like years from now is either lying or delusional. Newsweek, once one the world's largest and best known publications, dropped the print side of the business to online.

But what was supposed to be a decisive step into the 21st Century turned into a cautionary tale. The popular wisdom that online is the future hasn't been realized. It's just some business models don't work anymore. Now the bane of modern newspapers has become aggregator sites like The Huffington Post, which make money from other people's content. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/

And once everything has been made free it is very hard to turn back the tide. There is a serious danger with free content and content aggregation sites like Dose Of News #DONews which have changed how people interact with content.

Digital companies like Buzzfeed Can You Name 100 Countries In Seven Minutes? https://www.buzzfeed.com/robinedds/can-you-name-100-countries-in-seven-m...
think they've found the future in their social news revolution.

RIP Fats Domino


Aint that a shame? Fats Domino is dead at 89. Antoine "Fats" Domino, Jr. was a pianist and singer-songwriter of Louisiana Creole boogie. He recorded 35 hits in the US Billboard Top 40, and five of his pre-1955 records sold more than a million gold records. As a teenager at 14, Domino was already performing live in New Orleans bars.

Rock 'N' Roll Legend Fats Domino Dies At 89: Beloved Rock & Roll Hall Of... https://youtu.be/s0RHwwrh7pw

Antoine 'Fats' Domino Jr. dies at 89 https://youtu.be/-j75b21FqkM

Remembering iconic New Orleans musician Fats Domino https://youtu.be/E_FTUjZWMFQ

GOP Without a Paddle


The phrase came from England's Haslar Creek in Portsmouth harbor a 'salt' creek. Nowadays it applies to the Potomac River and the swamp on Capitol Hill. It is also the origin of 'up shit creek'. Without a paddle this would be hopeless, hence the phrase 'up the creek without a paddle' to mean being trapped, stuck or in trouble.

Demand Answers


If safety is supposed to be a top priority with everyone involved in road and bridge-building, then why will thousands of residents and thousands more visitors to City Island, a slice of NYC paradise and a small waterfront community on the northeastern tip of the Bronx will have to cross a new bridge without any safety pedestrian protective rails on either side?

Quack Exploits America


It was not the first time this occurred and unfortunately, it will not be the last. Do you know how a faker and a grandstander managed to get away with exploiting America utilizing the power of the media?

Allow me to tell you a story about a man whose initials are DJ. He came to be known as a liar, a mass media manipulator, who filed for bankruptcy and ended up being charged with criminal fraud.

-In every age, in time there is a great seething moronic underworld who are literate, but they can't think, so they live off their emotions and vote on their prejudices... And so it goes.

The Real Donald


He was born in New York City and his name was Donald, but his friends and admirers called him Don. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice and speaking with him once. He was a real legend, but not only in his own mind.
He didn't avoid military service, he joined the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1943. After World War II ended, The `Donald returned to journalism and worked for The AP and later for UPI.

The American Way


Truth and justice is The American Way. This has always been a great nation and it will continue to be one, no matter if anyone else sees it differently. We must never allow our great future to rush in a daze.

Americans are better than this. We should stop paying attention to bogus tweets, fake news, false statements, or made up statistics which are dividing friends and families as well as attracting the ire from our closest allies.

These are the possibilities. Folks are spreading deliberate lies, or are morons with no idea what they're saying.

Good Old Days


They were definitely different times. Americans were happy and enthusiastically producing, while our very own homegrown artists created content that could best be described as real gems. While King was creating, The Carpenters were building and Mitchell was mobilizing and simultaneously.

The ’60s and ’70s brought real-life superstars to A&M Studios in Hollywood, California for some fine music.

Burt Bacharach https://youtu.be/75lAZuzOEwk
Sergio Mendes https://youtu.be/v1d8oaumRkk
Quincy Jones https://youtu.be/fXmmWBzS-_o
Paul Williams https://youtu.be/ub0J8ZdaKE8

LasT Libra


There are two types of people... Libras and those who wish they were, and 2 in this world. Today is the last day to celebrate if you are LIBRA. Like me, I'm... peaceful, fair, enjoy partnerships, and marriage. As fascinated by balance and symmetry, there is a constant chase for justice and equality, realizing through life that the importance family and friends in my own inner core. I'm happy to avoid conflict, with peace, respect, and justice for all in the American way.

I don't always follow the norms. In fact, my strengths and weaknesses are plentiful.

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