The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Do you recall a story of the boy who cried wolf? What about the 71-year-old toddler who accuses adversaries of treason?

We have growing cancer when a politician tells his countrymen to set aside differences during an unusually long speech while insisting on unity, but a week later turns on those who did not applaud his empty promises by calling them un-American and maybe even “treasonous” for failing to clap.



With a full schedule of political and international travel for the rest of this year, Vice President Pence is going to stay away from the job and managing to avoid some of the biggest controversies of a #TrumpPence administration.

The rest of America may do the same, as they may be getting ready for Super Sick Monday. More than 15 million Americans may call in sick the day after the Super Bowl.

Last year some 16.5 million Americans called in sick because of the game, so if you’re planning to join the calling-out sick group, here are some of the best excuses.

Chaotic Confusion


Where does the buck really stop, folks? The Dow Jones industrials keep falling more than 1,150 points, making it the largest single-day point drop, erasing its gains for the year. What is @POTUS saying?

Is there one person, or any group responsible for creating chaos and confusion? @POTUS took credit when the market was up, so why is he not saying anything now? @realDonaldTrump regularly touts stock market gains. Why didn't he mention the sell-off at today's Ohio speech? Is he clueless?

As U.S. stocks plummet, Trump goes silent on role in markets
Here's why markets and presidents have an uneasy relationship. Markets Right Now: Dow drops 1,175, biggest-ever point drop After bragging about Wall Street for more than a year, Trump has gone silent amid a plunging Dow

Meanwhile, how has the party of law and order become the party hostile to federal law enforcement Why is it attacking its own agencies and intelligence community? Will intelligence agencies stop confiding to Congress?

Trump allows Putin and Russia off the hook, along with the large corporations and forgets all about the average American? Russia gets a pass in Trump's State of the Union speech: Trump choice for Russia ambassador: 'No question' Russia meddled Senators urge Trump administration to resume Equifax probe

And what is the purpose of creating chaos and confusion? 'They certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much,' Trump says of Democrats' reactions during his State of the Union speech. ' Trump needs to study the Constitution if he thinks Dems not applauding him is treason

Reporter: Trump health agency threatened to ban me from press calls because I wouldn't alter a story

Congress Is Sleepwalking Toward Its Next Crisis

Bait and Switch


Whatever happened to Mexico will pay for the wall... I'll drain the swamp and so many other so-called bait and switch moves... Has he hired the best people? Are these actions intended to build up or to destroy?

There have been massive firings from people chosen by @POTUS along with an amazing wave of Congressmen who are choosing to retire. Additionally, there is a lack of stability as one day its one thing and the next moment it is another. It appears that under the present administration, being a public servant is a not an easy job, and it’s not likely to improve.

Fear Track?


Can Amtrak manage to stay on track? Amtrak is dealing with its second deadly crash in less than a week. One more train has crashed. This time causing 2 deaths and injuring 70 hurt after Amtrak passenger train collides with another train.

South Carolina train collision: What we know

Experience Wins?


There is no denying that experience, knowledge or mastery of any event or subject matter gained through involvement in or exposure to it is most valuable. Relying on an experienced individual is always a great bet.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is a successful quarterback for the #NFL New England Patriots. He has won five Super Bowls and is the only player to win them all playing for one team.

Journalism Films


The rights of a free press and the ability of journalists to do their jobs should never be up for debate. Every news story should answer 5 W and H. These are often mentioned in journalism news style.

In light of the new major motion picture release by Fox called The Post, I recommend the following films for each and every person who is interested in journalism.

Absence Of Malice - Trailer

All The President's Men - Trailer

Almost Famous - Trailer

Real Odd News


Recent news of hometown newspapers is seldom in the headlines, so when we read these, we wanted to share.

The biggest newspapers in Connecticut and Rhode Island are feuding over which state is worse.

Editorial: Why, Rhode Island, Why?

These and many other newspapers.

Editorial: Lessons from a struggling neighbor

The Day Music Died


On this day, back in 1959, Rock and Roll legends Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, were killed in a plane crash.

Putin On The Hit


Actions over the past few days have undermined the right’s Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and its headed in the wrong direction.

Furthermore, a Nunes authored Congressional memo contradicts a right-wing belief about what prompted the investigation into the President’s ties to Russia.

A look at what the GOP memo says and doesn’t say. By @ChadSDay.

Explosive memo released as Trump escalates fight over Russia probe

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