TGF Force


This is more powerful than TGIF. NASA scientists see Fermi Catches Gamma-ray Flashes from Tropical Storms. It occurs a thousand times a day when thunderstorms fire off fleeting bursts of some of the highest-energy light naturally found on Earth.

100 Dazed and Confused


Who decreases our US credibility, creates an unsafe environment, downgrades public education, sells the public lands, monetizes the presidency, makes Americans less safe and more despised around the world, while achieving little following a series of theatrics which includes rallies to attack dissenters?

This, I can tell you... Believe me... This is my pledge to you... Donald Trump’s Contract with America.

99 Days Of The Wall


There is an anonymous folk song dating to the mid-20th century referring to beer, and not bricks. But there is a fictional story about a wall that Trump first claimed Mexico would pay for a build, then said US taxpayers would be billed and now who knows what will happen?

No more bricks for the wall, no more talk of a wall? Go to the store and buy some more, 99 days but no bricks on his wall.

Also, is Route 66 upside down? Asleep At The Wheel - "Route 66"

Reversals or Refusals?


As White House officials frantically spin and sprint towards the "100 Days" goal, are there issues which have been reversed or rejected? You betcha, as one so-called friend likes to say.

First, comes one statement and then there is an opposite one to flip flop the initial one.

White House says Trump won't immediately pull out of NAFTA

Difficult legal path forward for Trump in sanctuary cities case

White House backs off as lawmakers work to avert shutdown

Principle's Office


The President has reported to the principle's office immediately since he is desperately seeking any substantial legislative activity before his self-imposed 100th days in office deadline.

He now plans to unveil the outline in principle of proposed tax reforms plan while Congress is concerned about the budget deficits. White house toppers refuse to discuss the details, only to say they seek to cut the corporate tax rate and simplify the tax codes.



President Trump has no healthcare, no wall, no tax plan, no infrastructure plan, no financial regulation plan, no trade deals and he has no budget to submit to members of Congress.

May some folks be wondering to themselves have his 30+ executive orders been signed with class or crass? The real question everyone should be asking is what has he done so far for the people of The United States of America?

President Obama Returns


He's back, Barack Hussein Obama II. The former President chose the University of Chicago in his first public appearance since leaving The White House. As expected, he handled himself like a pro.

President Obama said warned that political gerrymandering is preventing the country from tackling problems like economic inequality, a broken criminal justice system and climate change.

Criminal Justice Reform


President Trump and DOJ Topper Sessions have fired a warning shot about the imminent danger posed by the so-called rising crime rate. Their fear factors will chill bipartisan attempts to reduce incarceration at the federal, state, and local levels. This scare administration tactic calls into question the trans-partisan nature of decades-long efforts.

We Don't Need No Stinking... Bill A Wall?


How did we go from Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it to Bill a wall to US taxpayers?
Is it possible that the American taxpayer will lose health care and be billed for a border wall instead?

Mexico was supposed to pay for Trump's wall. Now that they won't, will Congress cut health care and Medicaid to fund the wall? Is this stinking wall more important than the health, welfare, and education of every US citizen?

Don't give any more tax money to rich people and corporations. Funds should no longer go towards military spending.

Earth Day


Every day should be Earth Day across the universe. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on looking out for Mother Nature. Keep in mind that great planets are difficult to replace.

Happy Earth Day! Have a question about how science helps the Earth? Ask a Scientist! #ScienceMarch #NatureUnitesUs

The best eco-friendly detergents to switch to this Earth Day

Happy #EarthDay! 45 years ago we got our first good view:

March for Science: Worldwide protests begin @CNN

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