Making America Great?


As we approach Valentines Day, the bromance between US President Donald J Trump is OK with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

TV host Bill O’Reilly challenged Trump about his claims to respect Putin because he is “a killer,” Trump answered: “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

Gotta Have Faith


From the time of Lawrence of Arabia, when Lowell Thoms interviewed him, the Arabs have been getting bad press. Lowell Thomas and Lawrence of Arabia / T.E. Lawrence The Arab revolt.

However, if we don't defend all faiths, we are doomed. Humanity has the solemn responsibility to walk in the shoes of others, regardless of gender, race, creed, culture. Allowing everyone to practice their freedom of religion is essetial. Anything else is wrong.

24 Hours @ ER


Recently, my wife experienced a frightening episode with symptoms associated with an irregular heartbeat, which could have turned out much worse. The doctor orders rest, additional tests and a daily dose of aspirin, along with lots of relaxation. The service literally and figuratively took too many hours. This is a private hospital where the staff sometimes appeared to work with the same speed of molasses.

Inquiring Questions


Administrators often face difficult questions about inquiry-based services. Many of these questions they raise themselves. Others come from consumers who are unfamiliar with this perspective.

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Beautiful Butcher


Killing abandoned animals illegal in Taiwan after the suicide of a vet who was distressed and injected herself with the same drugs used to euthanize dogs and died last year.

She was understood to have become distressed at the abuse that she had received online after being made to kill 700 dogs in two years, and had sought to persuade the authorities to encourage pet adoption. Animal rights activists nicknamed her a “butcher with beauty”.

Taiwanese authorities have denied that her death in Taoyuan City had brought the law changes.

Circle Death


An off-duty female police officer was killed and another off-duty male housing cop critically injured when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed on the City Island circle. The following are assorted news media reports of the fiery crash.

The wrecked car could be seen in a heap in the middle of the busy roundabout.
Woman killed, off-duty cop injured in tragic crash

Off-duty cop killed, sergeant critically injured in Bronx crash



'I fix things,' boasts Trump at National Prayer Breakfast. Not necessarily, according to the following Brookings Institution stories.

Trump’s immigration policy could increase terrorism. Emphasizing the fact that zero Syrian refugees have been linked to terrorist attacks in the United States, Daniel Byman argues that Trump’s travel ban sends a troubling message to the world, and could ultimately lead to increased terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Why Trump’s policies will increase terrorism—and why Trump might benefit as a result

Justice Sessions


US Senator Jeff Sessions has moved one big step closer to the Justice Department. Is it one larger step away from voting rights? His voting rights history, which the Leadership Conference described as a record of hostility has over the course of 30 years, shown a skepticism toward the Voting Rights Act while being quick to inflame concerns over alleged election fraud. Jeff Sessions’ 1986 Confirmation Hearing | Flashback | NBC News via @YouTube

Washington State councilwoman arrested for outburst at Sessions hearing via @usatoday



Since being offered the post of Grade B Reporter by the BBC in 1964, Martin Bell has spent more than half a century in the unquiet corners of the world, including four years in the surrogate war zone of the House of Commons. It has been a period of rapid change in the way that wars have been fought and perceived, and of equally rapid change in the way that news has been gathered and presented. From Vietnam to Bosnia and beyond, the former BBC correspondent has been in the thick of it.

Listen and Learn


Everyone should work to master the art of listening. If you tend to zone out when someone else is speaking, or you notice that people don't often choose you as a confidant, it's time to start practicing the skill of listening.

Taking an active, engaged approach to listening improves your relationships and enrich your personal and professional experiences. Learn how to listen with undivided attention and respond in a way which indicates that you were actually listening. This will undoubtedly engage others.

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