Earth Day


Every day should be Earth Day across the universe. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on looking out for Mother Nature. Keep in mind that great planets are difficult to replace.

Happy Earth Day! Have a question about how science helps the Earth? Ask a Scientist! #ScienceMarch #NatureUnitesUs

The best eco-friendly detergents to switch to this Earth Day

Happy #EarthDay! 45 years ago we got our first good view:

March for Science: Worldwide protests begin @CNN

RIP: Cecilia Alvear


Although my friend and colleague Cecilia Alvear is now gone, she will never be forgotten. Veteran NBC producer and award-winning multilingual journalist Cecilia Alvear died following a long battle with breast cancer. She also served as executive editor of

Longtime NBC journalist Cecilia Alvear, who opened doors for Latinos and women, dies at 77

Possessions Posses US


Anything we can't give away after it has outlived its usefulness possesses us, and in this materialistic age, unfortunately too many of us are possessed by our personal possessions.

If we have enough for food, housing, clothing, if we have enough for a certain level of freedom in transportation, if we have enough money or insurance for unforeseen conditions, and if we have enough for the basic survival necessities, we are fine and should be grateful.

"Jesus Was Booked"


Is Sarah Palin a religious person, does she lack common sense, or simply insensitive to Christians?

Could it be considered blasphemy by stating "Jesus was booked" following Good Friday and Ester Sunday? Can we agree this is the American people's house, over 70% of which are Christians?

@SarahPalinUSA says she invited @TedNugent and @KidRock to the White House because "Jesus was booked"

Palin Endorsement Widens Trump’s Lead Among Idiots

Old Timers Rock


Too many people wrongly assume that creativity and being inventive fades with age, but the opposite is true.

I have often watched or encountered age discrimination especially in the media and technical fields. Unfortunately, the frat-boy culture of Silicon Valley has only gotten younger and cockier.

4/20 High


Did you know that April 20 is commonly known as marijuana day? Pot smokers everywhere are celebrating the unofficial holiday of the wacky weed.

This is the marijuana culture's high holiday when folks fly to pot shops in legal weed states to take advantage of sales.

In 1971, a group of students pot-heads puts their collective heads together at a San Rafael High campus in the San Francisco Bay area @ 4:20 p.m. 420 became their code word for pot. It is also common knowledge that medical marijuana is being prescribed throughout the US.

Swings Of Spring


This is not to send out an SOS but my weathergirl tells me the barometric pressure is rising drastically. Sending Out An SOS -The Police

The time of the year in some area where the weather goes whacky, with humidity levels and temperatures are literally and figuratively all over the spectrum.



The president insisted he stood behind Bill, but apparently not close enough. He said Mr. Bill had done nothing wrong, but his bosses felt otherwise.

Now that Bill has been outfoxed, will he turn up as the new press secretary?

Or will Mr. Bill run for president?

Fox News realizing that the network is bigger than Bill O'Reilly:

Fox ends ties with top-rated host Bill O'Reilly

Fox's statement on Bill O’Reilly’s departure

Kicking Asteroid


NASA officials are warning of a predicted asteroid that will brighten to about magnitude 11 when it could be visible in small optical telescopes for one or two nights before it fades in the distance from earth.

A 65-foot-wide meteor exploded in the sky on 2/15/13 with the power of 20 atomic bombs. We hope asteroid 2014 JO25 flies safely past earth tonight

Watch Live @ 7 pm ET: Giant Asteroid Flies Past Earth, Webcast by Slooh

Tax Day USA


President Trump says he can not release his taxes because he is being audited, but his most recent taxes which were due to be filed today can not be under audited so quickly right?

What's wrong with a leader who seeks tax reform, but refuses to share his own forms?

Democrats celebrate Tax Day by trolling Trump on Twitter: “What is POTUS hiding?”

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