Arctic Blast


Colder temperatures continue to drop as an arctic front will bring heavy snow, ice, dramatically colder temperatures, and gusty winds from the Middle Atlantic to the Northeast throughout the entire day.

Ice accumulations up to a quarter of an inch could cause power outages and create hazardous travel conditions. Later this weekend and early next week, a new arctic front will bring widespread snow from the Plains to the Great Lakes.

The Arctic air barreling toward the east coast brings a ridiculous a temperature range. From low 60s in the southeast to the lower teens in the northwest!

Politically Motivated Hacks


Could it be that Trump's self-inflicted wounds that are mangling his presidency are covers for sinister plots? Would create chaos with contradicting Tweets and outrageous statements are seen as smoke screens?

Example, the @POTUS announcement that he was not going to England because Obama moved the embassy to a place he didn't like, the real reason was preventing massive protests and he didn't get the facts right. Bush made that decision.Wake up, America.

Racist Leadership


How do we define and explain racism? Why are historians saying that in modern times, no US president has been this racially insensitive and has shown an outright disdain for people who are not white? How is it that our democratic ship is sailing away from equality for everyone, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, and sexual orientation? The intelligent people of the world must come together and stand up for our planet.

“Shithole Countries”


What do Haiti, El Salvador, and the African continent have in common? According to our commander and chief, who reportedly said they're not wanted here. During an immigration meeting, Trump asked lawmakers why the US should allow people to come from `shithole countries.'

Sweet and Sour Sixteen


Guantánamo prison celebrates its 16th anniversary. The US detention camp is a military prison located at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, also referred to as #GTMO in Cuba.

Since the inmates have been detained indefinitely without trial and several inmates were allegedly severely tortured, the operations of this camp are considered to be a major breach of human rights by Amnesty International.

US Exodous?


Why are so many US Senators and members of Congress retiring at such an alarming rate? Is it for the benefits, or because of our so-called leadership, or lack thereof? There are literally dozens who have announced their retirement, folks. What's going on here?

"Retiring" members of Congress are eligible for a pension starting at age 62 if they've served at least five years, at age 50 if they've served 20 years, or at any age, after they've served 25 years. The amount of the pension depends on salary and years in office.

Voter Burnout To Turnout


This year of midterm elections will provide voters with special opportunities to get involved in government, not only in their local districts but also in US Congress. How do we reverse the voter burnout trend and get real Americans to vote in 2018?

We are taxpaying citizens, whose family served the military, who think our nation is already great, who tell the truth, salute the American flag and really know all the words to the national anthem. Voting does matter and half of us don't even bother to exercise our most precious right as American citizens.



The Trump administration's arbitrary and capricious decision was reversed by a federal trial judge in San Francisco California thereby temporarily enjoined it from ending the DACA program, dealing another legal blow to the White House and buoying the hopes of hundreds of thousands of so-called “Dreamers.”

Mudslide Deaths


Search and rescue efforts intensify for hundreds of residents feared trapped after deadly walls of mudslides roared down Southern California hillsides. At least 17 have been killed and an estimated 100 homes destroyed, with search efforts to see if residents survived.

Does He or Doesn't He?


Could it be that our flag hugging commander in chief sometimes forgets to salute the flag and does not really know the words to the national anthem? Could it be that he had a memory lapse or a senior moment? He claims to be a “very stable genius” or #VSG. What do you think? Read on and decide for yourself.

Some on Twitter think Trump sang the national anthem incorrectly. Watch for yourself

This is how Twitter reacted.

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