Fathers Day Countdown


When my MoM, DaD, two older brothers and I came to America, we enjoyed watching a new TV show called MY THREE SONS. I identified with this comedy on many levels. We were three boys and very close to our parents.

Those were the good old days and while enjoying these episodes I always wondered if I would have three children and would they turn out healthy, wealthy, and with a special emphasis on wise. As it turns that the answer is most certainly... Yes, sireeee Bob, seguro que si, 确实是的.

Forgetting Sessions


I know that some folks forget, aren't really present, or at least paying attention during important sessions, so I was wondering how the Congress deals with it while this elected body represents We the People of The United States of America.

Case in point, former US Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to defend himself and the firing of Comey, by saying he did not recall and thereby remaining mum on most everything else, unlike his boss who often says something different

US Congressman Shot


Public safety authorities are investigating a shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia where multiple people have been reported shot. a gunman with long weapon emerged from behind the dugout, and opened fire at a planned baseball practice.

The members of Congress were preparing for an upcoming charity game, when a shooter began firing his rifle.
It appears at least five people have been wounded at a congressional gathering.

For additional information. www.doseofnews.com

More Truthful Sessions


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been Donald Trump staunch supporter for years will get his turn in the spotlight today after ex-FBI director James Comey made headlines last week with his testimony under oath this afternoon at 230P.

This is the first time he appear before his former colleagues and is expected to answer tough questions regarding his Russia contacts and the ongoing investigations.

Oliver Stoned?


Major motion picture director Oliver Stone has interviewed Vladimir Putin over the course of two years for a cable TV special, by utilizing approximately 24 hours worth of content.

CBS' Showtime is airing four of those hours this week, beginning tonight and ending on Thursday. Stone, a master of controversial subjects completed his last interview in February.

As you can see, some of his media critics are throwing stones and not just KUDOS.

The Putin Interview: Does Oliver Stone Have a Weak Spot for Dictators? https://shar.es/1RSV8A via @grtvnews

Partners Need Love


Do you find yourself wrapped up in your career, school, or taking care of the kids? You’ve stretched yourself too far and now you cannot extend yourself further. You're trying to spread your time everywhere but your relationship. Ask yourself are you neglecting your partner? Has your relationship taken a backseat? Have you felt the cold shoulder?

Your Partner is Not A Priority. Do you ignore phone calls or text messages because you're just too occupied? Have you made important decisions without consulting your partner?

The Beatles


More than five decades after The Beatles recorded their greatest smash album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, their fans still talk talk about them ever day.

The Beatles - We Can Work it Out https://youtu.be/Qyclqo_AV2M?list=PLmo4pBukfRoN8SB5RKvfiY9CTl9pI_IFc

From the Archives: The Original Review of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ https://nyti.ms/2subezp

The Beatles produced over 400 songs, with 172 of them being cover songs and 237 original compositions.

American Credibility


The integrity and credibility of The United States of America is on the line, while attacks on the world's most powerful democracy will continue unless lies coming from Washington, DC and all the destructive activities are stopped once and for all.

Dark money is one of the problems and the laws must be changed, so our elections will not be tainted. The main issue lies with our so-called leadership and Congress keeps participating in obstruction and destruction.

US Blues and World Report


The entire world continues to laugh at US. A curtain-raiser news story is not a favorite tradition of political journalism, so after watching Comey's confession and reading some of the many pundits comments, I must say the reason why were in this situation is because of The GOP's inability to control their political party toppers, including the president.

Comey Congressional Countdown


One month ago, FBI Director James Comey was fired by the President. We've heard one version, now we'll listen to the official record, which the legal expert and longtime FBI official kept of his conversations with Trump.

Commercial TV networks are expected to carry the live testimony, but here are a couple of live streams.
As you watch the people's representatives question Mr. Comey, take a look at their TRUMP voting records.

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