Tax Plan or GOP Scam?


Republicans released their long-awaited Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This plan improves the corporate tax system but may not support working families or reduce the deficit. How does the tax bill could affect us?

Why is the so-called GOP tax reform plan being hailed by conservatives as the long-awaited cure for America’s anemic economic growth? Is it because they are going to cash in? Please, make sure you read the fine print.

15 things in the Republican tax bill's fine print that could affect you

National Climate Assessment


The National Climate Assessment is prepared by our top scientists and is by far the largest, most comprehensive US-focused climate change report ever produced and gives in-depth look on climate change.

The findings point to humanity as the cause for this extreme weather pattern. Many independent lines of evidence demonstrate the world is warming and human activity is the primary cause.

Other changes flow from this warming, including melting of snow and ice, rising sea level, and increases in some types of extreme weather, such as extreme heat and heavy downpours.

End Crimes Against Journalists


An increasing number of journalists have been targeted in 2017 because of the work they do. They have been subject to physical assault, imprisonment, court convictions, arbitrary detention, interrogation, stalking, verbal attacks, online threats, and seizure of equipment. In some cases, their family members have also been targeted.

The perpetrators of these attacks are almost never held accountable. In the overwhelming majority of cases, authorities have acted with impunity, and non-state actors have gone unpunished. Instead, reporters are the ones who are treated as criminals.

Angry Bird


Who's the angry character that refuses to take responsibility for anything and will accuse anyone in order to pass the blame on to someone else but himself?

The fact is, everyone who's in a position of power is to blame when something goes wrong. The public blames politicians, but they are professional blame deflectors and the wheels go round and round.

Veterans speak out as "Commander-in-Chief" Trump blames generals for deaths of U.S. troops in Niger

Astronomical Houston


It was an astronomical climb from being the worst team in the majors in the Autumn of 2011, the club was tasked with fixing a broken organization without direction, nor plan and lacking answers. Now they are at the top of the heap. Baseball has been very good to them.

The Houston Astros lost over a hundred games before they got tired of losing and have now won the World Series of Baseball for the first time ever. The Houston @astros PARADE is on Friday

Hollywood ending - Astros beat Dodgers in Game 7 to win World Series

Open Enrollment Now


We wonder why Trump has slashed Obamacare's ad budget, as well as grants to outside organizations that are supposed to help consumers sign up? Obamacare 2018 enrollment clouded by uncertainty under Trump

Months of debate over replacing #ACA and healthcare reform have added to confusion over the exchanges but health experts and advocates also say ACA funding cuts have played a role. Just do it before 12/15.

NYC Terror


6 dead and multiple injuries in lower Manhattan as a pickup truck plows through a NYC bike path.

A crazed man has forced a level 3 crime scene mobilization where everything in lower Manhattan is frozen this afternoon. The guy drove a pickup truck down a long stretch of bike path next to the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, striking numerous people.

The suspect driving the vehicle collided with a school bus from Stuyvesant High School. There were some reports the man fired gunshots, but officials could not immediately confirm that.

Dirty Trick's No Treat


It's Halloween, which means it is now time to put on that costume for Trick or Treating, but please keep it clean, because there have been too many dirty tricks being played out.

Dirty tricks, politics, as usual, unethical acts, illegal campaign practices or pranks intended to disrupt or sabotage the campaigns of opposing candidates, or similar practices carried out against rival countries or corporations for espionage or commercial purposes.

Treats or Tricks?


To celebrate Halloween, some of these national businesses are offering the following treats until closing time.

Get a Boo-rito for just $3, as long as you're in costume. Guests can choose a salad, bowl or an order of tacos for the deal. It's good for one per person.

Children 12 and under get a free scary-face pancake from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. on Halloween. The pancake has strawberries, Oreo cookies, whipped topping and candy corn.


Robert S Mueller III


Robert Swan "Bob" Mueller III is a Republican who was appointed by President George W. Bush with his original ten-year term given a two-year extension by President Barack Obama, making him the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover.

Mueller is currently head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. He is a no-nonsense, strait-laced attorney and investigator, as well as the nickname "Bobby Three Sticks," in reference to his name's numeric suffix.

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