US Trade Tirade


America’s steep steel and aluminum tariffs cause tensions with China which could lead to higher prices for all US consumers as well as companies.

Even his friends, advisors and supportrs are turning on him. @POTUS turbulence in trade tariffs are going to cost his base Bigly. The conservative-leaning newspaper Wall Street Journal has raked Trump over the coals for 'biggest policy blunder of his presidency'

Bombogenesis Nor'easter


Northeastern US is expected to get slammed with another old-fashioned nor'easter over the next few days.

Last time this happened it could have killed me, as the outer wall of the penthouse apartment balcony above my private patio slammed into the pavement as I was about to remove a plastic container tumbling around the concrete floor. The time before that, the upstairs apartment window broke while no one was living there and water saturated the floor while droplets formed on my ceiling, so I had to call FDNY to bust the door down. Are you wondering if I live in a condo of misfits, or are they, clowns? Maybe both, but needless to say, I don't like these weather conditions.

The rain and high winds are expected to last throughout Friday, with three inches pouring down on the area, including heavy, wet snow entering the mix as temperatures drop into the 30s.

A large and cold weather system is slowly moving south along the west coast will bring heavy rains to the lower elevations, with potential for flash flooding and debris flows, especially over burn scars; and several additional feet of snow in the mountains. A significant coastal storm will bring wet, heavy snow; strong, gusty winds; coastal and inland flooding to the Middle Atlantic and Northeast.

The National Weather Service has also issued a high-wind watch and is projecting storm-force gusts of up to 70 miles per hour along the city’s waterways and coasts, as well as a coastal flood advisory for the entire region.

The rapidly intensifying storm is the product of “bombogenesis,” which occurs when a “midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies” and quickly drops in atmospheric pressure, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

You know what they say about March rolling in like a lion. So batten down the hatches, stock your home with plenty of food, some beer, grab a book, a heavy blanket to snuggle up with.

White Lies Matter


Some say white lies are harmless or a trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone's feelings. But when you're the Communications Director at The Whitehouse it altogether different. The white president apparently blew his orange top about it, which resulted in the top hick losing all hope.

Trump once had a confidant named Hope
She worked for an idiot and a dope.
Hicks admitted to white lies
Her boss berated her and she flies
When he asked her to stay Hope said no way.

Action Speak Volumes


Actions speak louder than words. People make statements and promises they have no intention of following through. You can tell someone you will protect them and repeat it many times, but until your actions coincide your words, others will never believe you.

Who claimed that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting even if he were unarmed.
"I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon," @POTUS boasted during a meeting at the White House to discuss school safety. Honestly, really, where is any proof to support that statement?

All Talk No Action


Let's talk about guns. While dozens of uniformed officers marched into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, just one aspect of the heavy security as classes resumed for the first time since 17 students and teachers were killed by a troubled teenager with an AR-15, thrusting them into the center of the nation’s gun debate. @POTUS placates lawmakers at the @WhiteHouse to talk about gun laws following the Parkland, Florida Valentines Day massacre.

Threat To Democracy


SOS -After a half-century, there is an increased threat to democracy. Our way of life is in peril and we may lose it all from within. This according to new statistics released on inequality data.

Researchers point out there is nothing new, just that it has now increased to an alarming rate. In the past, Democratic governments, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations slowly responded but when the largest democracy on earth is threatened is creates erosions of the global democratic process.

Hiring Best or Worst?


Has @POTUS been hiring the best people to represent the US and make America great? @realDonaldTrump promised his base he would hire the best people, so why does he keep hiring the worst and making mistakes?

He claimed to be self-funding by hiring the best, not the biggest donors... So what happened to his promises?

Trump promised to hire "... the best people, and repeated it several times, suggesting that whenever he keeps repeating something beware. Was it a mean-spirited trick, or a treat, is this one of his big ideas gone bust, or perhaps a bait and switch?

Flooded US Misery


The waterlogged central section of the US has become drenched and is now a waterlogged Midwest, and a powerful' Nor'easter is now headed towards the NYC area. There is also a low chance for strong to damaging winds during the Thursday night into Friday night time period, particularly for Long Island and Southeastern Connecticut.

The Days of Whines and Overdoses


Wake up, everyone everywhere around the world. Sorry for the slap in the face but consider this as a wake-up call and a warning for the coming days of whines and overdoses.

Please take a hard look at the world we live in today as some of the most powerful nations are either causing mass destruction, while others are turning their heads to look the other way.

The following words, sounds, and images may be disturbing but will make clear some of the most disgraceful sagas in the history of the world.

FCC's 3 Blind Rats


How did three unelected men ignore the will of 83% Of the American people? TRUMP's GOP is the real answer.

Folks have a right to be guarded about internet regulations. Throughout the history of human civilization access to information has been controlled by those in power, countless generations of which have given rise to the profoundly sick power-serving society we find ourselves in today. The invention of the internet gave humanity its first-ever access to the widespread unhindered democratization of ideas and information, and if we’re ever to overthrow the pernicious power structures which perpetuate the continual omnicidal trend toward war and ecocide which threatens us our species with extinction, widespread internet access will surely play a role in that effort.

Therefore we have gotten squeezed out following recent poll from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation which found that 83 percent of Americans favor existing net neutrality regulations, including 75 percent of Republicans.

Even if you don’t like that poll we’ve yet to see a single survey that doesn’t make it abundantly clear that this repeal is something the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want, and yet three unelected bureaucrats are ramrodding it down their throats anyway.

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