Headlines 10/23/11

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ARAB SPRING OUTCOME. Tunisia Holds Elections.

EURO DEBT CRISIS. Crunch Time For UK/France.

AUTOPSY COMPLETED. Qaddafi Shot in Head.

PROTESTS SPREAD. Chicago to Australia.

EARTHQUAKE. 7.3 in Turkey.


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Even though the school has not opened for business and doesn't even exist yet. There are many parents and educators betting that the founders of Avenues - The World School can live up to it's promise to educate 21st century global citizens. They say that will provide among other things, intensive instruction in Spanish or Mandarin.

This exclusive $40K yearly tuition private school is scheduled to open next year and is promising to educate global citizens by teaching them in another language, beginning with 3 years of age.


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The FDR Drive will be closed to traffic from 2:00 AM-7:00 AM, Sunday, October 23, to facilitate crane installation of the pedestrian bridge at East 78th Street.

During those hours, the northbound FDR Drive will be closed to traffic from East 61st to East 96th streets and the southbound FDR Drive will be closed from East 116th to East 74th streets. Motorists are urged to use alternate routes beginning at 11:00 PM tonight. Expect traffic delays.

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FREE SEMINAR - TUESDAY October 25th 7pm-9pm

The Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew

263 West 86th Street (bw Broadway & West End)

New York, New York 10024


1. All seminar attendees will receive a copy of our new disability book FOR FREE.

2. Speak with real New York disability lawyers and get a free educational book on how to win your disability claim.

3. An opportunity you can't afford to miss!

CICIVC Meeting Tuesday 10/25/11 @ 7:30P

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CIVIC officers, committee reports on Crime, Development, Quality of Life and Traffic, and an open public forum for residents to address their grievances.

They will update members on elections for important officer positions for First Vice President, Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary. Nominations may be made from the floor.

Headlines 10/22/11

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US TROOPS TO LEAVE IRAQ. Before End Of This Year.

NYC MANHUNT. Cops Search for PS 298 Gunman.

OWS Gains Support. Senior Protesters Join In.

LIBERATION DAY. Libyan Rebels Rejoice.

THEY'RE BACK. PB Drills Gulf Coast.


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He is the oldest living person on City Island. This "clamdigger", who is a lifetime resident of this tiny NYC island was born and raised in the same house his grandfather built four hundred years after Christopher Columbus landed in America.

He is undoubtedly the best known resident of City Island. Unfortunately, he has lost his appetite, stopped eating and his body is beginning to shut down. Who is this superstar? He is 95 year old Captain Ed Sadler. A proud father, a prouder grandfather and the proudest great grandfather ever.

City Island Vacation

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As far as tourist destinations are concerned, there are very few places on earth can rival the likes of Manhattan, NYC, NY.

But if you haven’t been before, City Island can easily fill your weekend. So if your schedule and budget is better suited for a quick and affordable city weekend...,_Bronx


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NYC United Way says that 84% of New Yorkers believe that hunger is a real problem.

As much as one third responding they or a family member had difficulty paying for food.

The poll found that two out of three city residents expect a friend will need help getting food in the coming year. A majority of New Yorkers said they believe the federal government should take the lead in fighting hunger.

Global Strategy Group conducted the phone survey of 700 New York City adults on 8/8 in English and in Spanish. There is a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.