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The intense rivalry between US and PRC has moved to the courts - the basketball courts. This is one of the nastiest basketbrawls ever, made more surreal by the fact that the Georgetown Hoyas were playing in China on a good- will tour gone bad. Usually these things involve some shoving and jersey-grabbing, but not this time.

Pay attention at 24 seconds in as a Georgetown player falls to the floor and a Chinese player drops to his knees to punch him in the face — repeatedly. Meanwhile, some degenerate rushed the court to stomp on another fallen Georgetown player’s stomach.



President Obama has called for the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, to step down, and called for additional sanctions. It's the first time the United States has explicitly called for Mr. Assad’s departure from power.

The actions come in response to the deadly crackdown Syrian forces have been waging against pro-democracy protesters across the country.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hailed the sanctions, which are much sterner than previous measures.

Buses Reportedly Attacked Near Egypt


A couple of Israeli vehicles have been reportedly attacked near the border with Egypt. Apparently gunmen opened fire on an Israeli bus at the Red Sea resort of Eilat on Thursday, wounding passengers. The military reported another attack on a vehicle in the same area with more casualties, suggesting a coordinated terrorism.



The Bronx County Historical Society is offering guided tours of the new YANKEE STADIUM on 8/27 @ 3:30P

The Bronx County Historical Society was founded in 1955 as a private, non-profit educational and cultural institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents.

The Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, documentation and interpretation of the history and heritage of The Bronx and its people from its earliest historical references in the 17th century to the present.

Contact: Angel Hernandez, Educator
The Bronx County Historical Society



Most of that hot summer weather may be behind us, but the heat is being turned up for President Obama.

A Congressional Black Caucus member says Obama's bus tour ignored suffering African-American communities and visited mostly white areas.

Meanwhile, there's been a series of questions asked concerning the timing and his choice of locations to take a two week vacation. The President is headed for the beach - and he's getting an earful about taking a family vacation from his opponents.

Headlines 8/18/11


CORNERING KHADAFY. Rebels Surround Tripoli.

OBAMA BUS TOUR. White Neighborhoods?

PRESIDENT VACATIONS. Economic Hardships Continue.

US & CHINA. High Level Talks. VP Biden Visits PRC.

BERT REYNOLDS. Florida Foreclosure.



Reader’s Digest: $25,000 - If you write "The Story of You" to a crisp and compelling 150 words, not letters characters—this is not a Twitter contest. Simply Put, Reader’s Digest is holding the “Your Life…” writing contest. Their grand prize winner will earn $25,000. Ten runner-ups get $2,500. Eleven honorees will also be published.

Facebook fans will have a chance to vote for favorites. The most popular Facebook entry will also receive $2,500.

If you wish to enter, submit your life story in 150 words or less on Reader’s Digest‘s Facebook page.
The deadline is November 1st.



The New York State Police Computer Crime Unit is issuing a warning about the new release of a hoax e-mail that purports to be a Uniform Traffic Ticket from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles issued by the New York State Police. This e-mail is not from the State Police or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

New Bronx City Planning Commissioner


Orlando Marín, Bronx President’s nomination to the City Planning Commission, has been approved by a vote of the City Council. Mr. Marín will begin on August 23, replacing Kenneth Knuckles.

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