Where's EPA?


Where are the necessary EPA officials? Are they missing in action after Texas floods? Americans need to be monitoring this very closely as fears grow of pollution from oil refineries after #HurricaneHarvey. There are flooded toxic waste sites and a burning plant full of secret chemicals. WTF?

AP: Toxic Waste Sites Flooded http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/national-international/Toxic-Waste-Sit...

You're The Boss


Begin with baby steps... An infant is a more formal term for a "Baby", the very young offspring of any proud human being. I know, I have kids and grandchildren.

We've heard that all a baby does is eat, pi, poop, cry, and sleep. It may sound simple, but chances are it won't be that way all the time, or ever. Knowing what to expect from our newborns will make our first days together with them a little less overwhelming, or at least we can try.

But remember that ultimately, baby needs to adapt to your schedule and not the other way around.

Dueling Deans


Duels were once decided with lethal weapons. These deal with facts, and rule of law of our US Constitution.

On one side, we have esteemed educator, litigator, and legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky who serves as Dean of Berkeley Law and was the founding dean of UC Irvine School of Law, a position he’s held for the past nine years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erwin_Chemerinsky

On the opposing side, we have former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is a high-ranking Hispanic American in executive government and serves as Dean of Belmont University Law School in Tennessee.

Who Showed The Sheriff?


Who shoved, or showed the sheriff that it was time to move on? The title evokes icons from John Wayne to Andy Griffith to Bart from Blazing Saddles to Woody from Toy Story. https://youtu.be/OPe2hXSTTPU https://youtu.be/MnASBk2BJRo https://youtu.be/IZT7xLjxuhs https://youtu.be/wbkojrVKj-s https://youtu.be/qsYzKtnvHfs ''I Shot The Sheriff'' https://youtu.be/JpFw-tI_JpI

Dreamers' Rude Awakening


The DREAM Act is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for alien minors inside the USA that would first grant conditional residency and upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.

Sleepless nights for dreamers may soon become a daily occurrence if the early riser inside The Whitehouse has his way as Dreamers of seeing their hopes dashed.

Trump may rescind ‘Dreamer’ immigration program as early as today http://cnb.cx/2ep4pKG

Tech industry fights Trump over DACA, DREAMer protection program https://usat.ly/2gmtHtd

US Tax Scam


Why is the average US household’s 2016 tax bite was $10,489, a whopping 41 percent more than just three years earlier? Americans shelled out just $7,203 for food and $1,803 for clothing on average, a total of just $9,006. Folks that translates to double digits less than taxes paid.

Are BLS figures pointing to American families increasingly being taxed, while rich people and corporations?
Consumer Expenditure Survey https://www.bls.gov/cex/

Trump says his tax reform plan is good for the little guy—it’s not http://bit.ly/2wMnZex

Far Away Folks Forgotten?


Has the world forgotten that we are all connected much closer than we realize? We hear all about #Houston, but not much about floods and landslides that have killed hundreds in #Africa #Macau and #South Asia.

Our hearts go out to all the people who are suffering everywhere on earth. Global warming is serious and we're all in this together, folks. It's one planet for all the people of the world.

Thousands die in floods in Africa and Asia as climate change worsens http://bit.ly/2wsY7BQ

41 million people have been affected by monsoon floods across South Asia http://aje.io/8nr5t

The US Mexico Wall


After promising that Mexico would pay, and when the government refused his demands for a proposed border wall, POTUS is now threatening a government shutdown over funding.

Contact your government officials and let them know how you feel about spending US tax dollars. Reach out to The White House with your ideas and demands and remind all of them who is the boss.

https://deargovernment.info/ https://dearmrpresident.org/

House Republicans looking at cutting almost $1 billion from disaster accounts to help finance Trump border wall: http://apne.ws/mIcJW2P

Get Back To Work Now


Who ever heard of anyone buying into a plan in which the specifics have never been revealed? That is what politicians think Americans are going to do. However, according to statistics, many taxpayers are mad as hell and will not take it anymore.

Disaster relief is the priority for Congress as they return from a vacation some say they did not deserve to take. There appears to be an increasingly crowded congressional agenda which will force America's so called representatives to finally do some work, and that goes for the golf playing president as well, or else. They work for the people and not the other way around. House Republicans looking at cutting almost $1 billion from disaster accounts to help finance Trump border wall: http://apne.ws/mIcJW2P

Pressure Points


This is a crash course in self-defense as a countermeasure that involves defending your health and well-being from harm.

This is designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day.

This self-defense tip starts from the point of attack, to protect yourself before the situation becomes physical, and avoid the attack altogether.

Certain areas can cause great pain and debilitate someone. You’ll want to learn them so you can aim for them in an emergency. You could end the struggle immediately.

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