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Please join The City Island Chamber of Commerce at Portofino's Restaurant at 555 City Island Avenue on Tuesday April 16th from 12pm-2pm.

Marlene Cintrone from Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation will speak and field your questions as to how to best take advantage of grants and low interest loans for small business and commercial property owners on City Island.

Former Bronx Borough and Mayoral Candidate Adolfo Carrion is also scheduled to speak.

This is an important meeting the chamber hopes more will, as there is strength in numbers.

NYC Graffiti Dining


There is one more rose in Spanish Harlem, where I met up with an old friend and journalist Isolda Peguero, La Periodista, as well as meeting new ones. But if you can, try them this weekend to enjoy fine tapas and delicious botanas, along with an open air ambiance. BE King

Que hay tras el desmayo de Hillary Clinton?: via @YouTube

Control Sodium


You need salt to survive. Your body needs sodium to transmit nerve impulses, contract muscle fibers, and, along with potassium, to balance fluid levels in all your cells.

The body is so good at holding on to this vital mineral that you need to consume only a tiny amount of it each day. Too much sodium sets off a cascade of physiological changes that can raise blood pressure. Over time, uncontrolled high blood pressure can stress the heart and blood vessels, which can lead to stroke or heart attack.

Lobster Ice Cream


My wife and her younger sister suggested we all drive from NYC to Maine on a Lobster vacation. We did and had a marvelous Maine journey as well as enjoyed fresh lobsters, rolls, bisque and so many other delicacies that I could go on and on.

However, I found two interestingly unique items, and I will mention them here. Lobster macaroni and cheese, which was actually very tasty and lobster ice cream, but I had to pass.

Havana Cafe


A Latin Brunch was sponsored by NY Senator Jeff Klein this weekend to celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

Outside the restaurant, honored guests made themselves available for a photo opportunity.

Comments were heard from all the Hispanic honorees,

Lilian Rodriguez Lopez, Hispanic Federation President

Ivine Galarza, Community Board 6 District Manager

Louis Vasquez, RAIN Executive Director

Alex Rodriguez, Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement President

T Perez, K Alicea, R Rodriguez, Havana Cafe Owners

Adolfo Carrion, HUD Regional Director, mussel sucker and City Islander

Seasons Bereavings


A recent study in The Journal of Social Science and Medicine found that the level of deliberate self harm fluctuated significantly around Christmas and New Year (Bergen & Hawton, 2007). Similarly, other studies have found significant fluctuations in the number of homicides (Bridges, 2004) and motor vehicle accidents (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2009) around these holidays.

All You Can Eat Buffet


All-you-can-eat buffets are a boon for hungry, thrifty diners and a nightmare for dieters or those trying to maintain a healthy weight. If you are in the latter camp, here are some tips.

• Take a walk around the entire buffet to scope out your options before serving yourself.
• Put your food on a small plate instead of a big one.



Is it a good practice to slowly abstain from food or drink, and eat nothing, refrain from meals, go without nourishment, go hungry, starve oneself? It really depends on who you ask, the length of time, your desired outcome, and the purpose.

Recently, I had gall bladder surgery and was forced to stop eating certain foods and then I had to stop eating altogether for tests and then for the surgery. The outcome was that I lost 30 pounds.

Global Dining Haunts


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The Cleveland Indians just keep on winning and I know of one old-time baseball fanatic who would have been cheering non-stop. DaD is literally and figuratively and every motherly, also MoM in heaven rooting for them.

Their story of the 2017 major league baseball season has yet to be written for the Cleveland Indians, but that magical baseball team which could never lose, and the most important chapter is yet to be written.