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City Island Images is searching for the highest quality food at affordable prices that will not take a toll, or hurt our wallets. We are asking our readers to e-mail us, or respond below which one is your favorite City Island restaurant.

This list we are providing will hopefully detail tasty, affordable and highly rewarding gastronomical experiences. If you do not see your favorite food spot, feel free to add it, along with your comments.

But please, instead of just sirloin steak and lobster, we want our readers to consider first-rate fish fries. Or the kind of plate that can make your heart spin.

When it comes to keeping you well fed but financially flush, these City Island food establishments must and should always be providing the finest services, with hometown pride and with no shortcuts.

Best known for seafood, many City Island eateries also have a wide variety of international foods, offering Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese to name a few. From sit-down to take-out, there's an establishment to satisfy every palate. Below is a short list provided by The City Island Chamber of Commerce. The following includes member and non member City Island restaurants:

Chamber member Artie's Steak & Seafood
394 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-2090

Chamber member Bistro SK
273 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-1670

Chamber member City Island Diner
304 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-0362

Chamber member Filomena's Pizza & Pasta
286 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-9032

Chamber member Johnny's Reef
2 City Island Ave

Chamber member Sammy's Fish Box
41 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-0920

Chamber member Sammy's Shrimp Box
64 City Island Avenue
Phone: 718-885-3200

Chamber member Sea Shore Restaurant
591 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-0300

Chamber member Seafood City
459 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-3600

Chamber member The Original Crab Shanty
371 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-1810
Fax: 718-885-0581

City Island Lobster House
691 Bridge Street
Phone: 718-885-1459

Lido Restaurant & Catering
101 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-2177

Lobster Box
34 City Island Ave
Phone: 718-885-1952

You Have a lot of Gall


Not me since I had my gall bladder removed earlier this year and lost 30 lbs. Here is my one and only proof, other than the mounting hospital bills.

I wish I had gall, and since the gall bladder contains bile which I'm told is very bitter that gives rise to the use meaning "you've got a lot of bitterness/rancor". And as one of my neighbors like to say "In any event".



They say it was the coldest Winter since the Great Depression, it was cold enough for the Sound to freeze and that hasn’t happened in about a decade. The area between City and Hart Islands extending south to Long Island’s north shore was several square miles of ice. The regular barge traffic was reduced to an occasional large tanker that would cut a path through the ice sheet which would buckle and break several feet in front of its flat bow.

Savor the Bronx Brewry


The Bronx Brewery, the newest craft brewery to come out of New York City, has announced its participation in Savor the Bronx!, the first annual Bronx Restaurant Week. The Bronx Brewery co-founders, general manager Chris Gallant and head brewer Damian Brown have teamed up with two Bronx restaurants to create food and beer pairings for the Bronx foodie crowd.

Oscar Boycott?


The Oscars are once again being scrutinized as the whitest in the film business. After all these years, there appears to be little improvement with diversity in the media.

Calls for boycott of Oscars grow over diversity of nominees

Are these the whitest Oscar nominations ever?



This week these rankings were announced of the best restaurants in Latin America. The list prepared by the British magazine Restaurant and San Pellegrino guide. It is the first time there has been a list established of the best cuisine in that region.

The vote was taken by a group of more than 250 leaders in the Latin American restaurant industry, divided into four groups of 63 voters, in Mexico and Central regions, Brazil, North America and South America.

1. “Astrid y Gastón” (Perú)

2. “DOM” (Brasil)

3. “Pujol” (México)

4. “Central” (Perú)

5. “Maní” (Brasil)

Thanksgiving Feast


Nearly 50 million Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving. Many could run into weather trouble, with major storm systems delivering everything from snow and ice to thunderstorms. Once they arrive, the last thing anyone needs is an extra serving of any type of holiday dinner difficulty.

As a result, experts are warning not to allow CampPain or 2016 Election talk to control this year's Thanksgiving. Please eat your fillings and swallow your feelings to avoid all political topics. Love and peace of turkey.



With the summer patio season, OpenTable, the world's leading provider of online restaurant reservations and part of The Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), has unveiled the 2015 Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants.

This year 2015 Top 100 Best Al Fresco Dining Restaurants in America is music to our ears.

208 Rodeo - Beverly Hills, California
Alexander's - Naples, Florida
Angel Stadium-Diamond Club Patio - Anaheim, California
Areal Restaurant - Santa Monica, California
Auberge du Soleil - Rutherford, California
BALEENnaples - Naples, Florida



The best fried chicken has historically been served in the South, but some innovative chefs around this country understand the innate appeal of the homey, crunchy, juicy dish. Here are a couple of the best fried-chicken restaurants in town:

166 South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 282-6005

This Williamsburg spot is known for fried chicken seasoned with paprika, black pepper and cayenne.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st avenue new york, NY 10003

Incarceration and Recovery


The number of people diagnosed with serious mental illness in the U.S. criminal justice system has reached unprecedented levels. Increasingly, people recognize that the justice system is no substitute for a well-functioning community mental health system.