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Tasty Food A Ride Away


Nestled in LA is a special trendy restaurant a short ride away called Horse's Mouth, with a new location coming soon.

These past Christmas holidays were huge because I enjoyed time with my kids and grandchildren, and also because it was the start of a new era heralded by delightful meals and sights rarely seen in The City of Angels. Hungry people joyfully waiting in line for the privilege of entering this special restaurant. Yes, It's definitely worth the ride just to emerge into a modern, unassuming eatery with a natural decor background and an equally noteworthy menu.

The Original Crab Shanty Restaurant




NYPD has announced their Park, Walk and Talk initiative for 2015. The Park, Walk and Talk initiative is designed to allow Officers time to walk designated neighborhoods in the city and make contact with the residents.

The goals are to better acquaint officers with residents, address concerns and answer questions. The neighborhoods the initiative will occur in, will rotate throughout the year.

JAPARICAN=Half Japanese and half Puertorican.


If you have ever had the pleasure of traveling to Japan and also to Puerto Rico, you may agree with the following words, which may clear up a few misconceptions.

Diversity Now


Seek out senior executives to learn about the organizations they lead, and to network and build business relationships with these key leaders who have demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In addition to creating a workplace inclusive of race, gender, and sexual orientation, many organizations are seeking value in something else, diversity of thought.

In some industries that are known for being insular, think law or high-tech companies, seeking out talent with different thinking and problem solving backgrounds in critical.



El Grito de Independencia Celebrations:

As Mexicans around New York City continue celebrating the 204th birthday of their home country, we can be sure that many Mexican restaurants have been, or maybe still doing, the same.

So if you're in a festive mood, check out some of the notable Mexican eateries in NYC:

La Morada
308 Willis Avenue (140/141 Streets)
The Bronx

82 South 4th Street, Williamsburg
J, M trains to Marcy Ave | cash & credit

40 Avenue B, Alphabet City
F train to Second Ave | cash & credit


Eastside NYC Food Fright


The wild west has apparently moved into a quiet and unassuming east side neighborhood.
City Island is a small and use to be a relatively safe and quiet island in New York City, which is just a mile and a half long and a half mile wide.

The following video clips you are about to see were taken at a local City Island, NY eatery. A food fight turned into a violent brawl, which quickly got out of hand in an NYC neighborhood not normally know for this type of activity.

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As politicians flock to The Iowa State Fair, the most popular attractions are culinary delights. This Food Fair reportedly offers some of the most delicious fares. along side of deep fried political pandering.

Best foods at this year’s Iowa State Fair |

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