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The president insisted he stood behind Bill, but apparently not close enough. He said Mr. Bill had done nothing wrong, but his bosses felt otherwise.

Now that Bill has been outfoxed, will he turn up as the new press secretary?

Or will Mr. Bill run for president?

Fox News realizing that the network is bigger than Bill O'Reilly:

Fox ends ties with top-rated host Bill O'Reilly

Fox's statement on Bill O’Reilly’s departure

Fox News Shakeup: Tucker Carlson Moves to 8 PM, The Five Moves to 9 PM

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Could Bill O'Reilly jump to a rival network? Would he be able to? Here's a look at O'Reilly's possible next moves

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Fired by Fox News Channel, but observers say his imprint and his influence on barbed political discourse will forever remain intact.