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LIGHTS BACK ON IN INDIA. Nearly 10% Of The World's Population Lost Power.
Now that power has been restored to 620 million Indians, work is resuming as that government investigates what went wrong when those power grids failed.

COMPARING ROMNEY with OBAMA. Overseas Tours 2012 vs 2008.
Romney's UK, Israel and Poland visits were not exciting, but comparisons between these two tours do not appear as favorable to the GOP candidate.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE FED? Will It Boost The Economy?
Federal Reserve policymakers are expected to issue future plans in a statement following their two-day meeting today.

PANETTA DEALS WITH IRAN. During His Visit To Israel.
US defense secretary says the nation must either negotiate acceptable limits on its nuclear program or be forced to deal with the possibility of military action.

19 MEDALS FOR PHELPS. So What Will He Do Next?
The Olympic champion still has three opportunities to break additional records.