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US WORRIES. Double-dip Recession.
The Congressional Budget Office says if Congress takes no action – and tax increases and spending cuts take effect – the economy will fall into a double-dip recession

CHINA AND JAPAN. Economy Suffers As Exports Decline.
Exporters suffer, with data showing a drop off by a quarter from the same month last year.

LAST WORST DECADE. Affecting US Middle Class.
The decline in net worth and wages during the 2000s underlines the challenges facing President Barack Obama as he seeks re-election.

AFGHANISTAN SPIES. Deployment Inside Army and Police.
Afghan officials assign undercover intelligence officers to security units nationwide to combat a spate of ‘insider’ attacks on coalition troops.

RUSSIA JOINS WTO. Following 19 Years of Trying.
World Bank economists estimate resulting boon for Russia’s economy of $49bn a year over midterm from increased competition and foreign investment.