A Burned Bird?

Submitted by ub on Fri, 10/28/2022 - 09:06

A bird experiences first, second or third degree burns depending of the tissue damage as a result of chemicals, electricity, heat or sale.

Elon Musk reportedly ousted some of Twitter's top executives, including its CEO, General Counsel and CFO, after completing his $44 billion takeover deal. He then tweeted "the bird is freed" We wonder if the bird is fried, or burned?

Depending on his timing, this move could have major implications for the midterm elections, as well as the 2024 presidential campaign. 

The burn can appear reddened and other colors, or the damaged tissue can look blue… Birds can accidentally land in hot cooking oil, boiling water or a heated surface that smells like dear musk. Musk is a heavy base note scent compared with woodsy and earthy smells. It was originally the name of the odor coming from a male musk deer, from which it was harvested.

The first place for a bird to experience a burn is his legs and then it’s feet, and so on and so forth. Birds also experience burns on their tongue from biting an electrical cord, as well as through contact with toxicity which can lead to burns in its beak, bill, or rostrum.

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We have no idea what will happen on Twitter. If the bird gets burned in a musk smelling atmosphere, we thank all of you who have exchanged ideas. We ask for thoughts and prayers for our American Democracy. Stay safe and be well . . . till we meet again. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JvBFlQNcwtI  Beyond the BLUE Horizon  https://youtu.be/sSrYIfMMoRw

Buckle up cause here come the Top Twit calling back the nut jobs…Not Just Trump… Other Notorious Names—Jones, Ye, Shkreli, Yiannopoulos… Unbanned On Twitter. RIP Twitter, 2006-2022: A possible slow death at the hands of Elon Musk?